Storage Ideas In The Living Room – 30 Smart Facilities

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storage ideas with braided boxes

Clever storage ideas in the living room

Additional storage space is always welcome, no matter whether you are a small or rather have a spacious apartment. Today, we concentrate on your living room. In this room, you and your family spend the longest time usually. There also many activities expire, such as reading, television, tinkering or maybe even food. That’s why many of your items are precisely in the living room.

Watch our 30 space-saving storage ideas and decide on the appropriate options for your apartment. You will find here creative Wall shelves, elegant cabinet systems, and floating or stacked modules, which can be used as shelves. Very often are lower set with storage boxes the solution or woven baskets and photo box. Also some functional pieces of furniture are of course to see how stools, coffee tables and benches with hidden storage space. So, as you can see – for every taste and décor, there is definitely something. Convince yourself!

Elegant, white-plastered staircase and open bookshelves

storage ideas open shelves and staircase

You can install a shelf or a closet under the stairs

storage bookcase under the stairs

Woven boxes or baskets are often very welcome

storage Anriche with the baskets

Low chest of drawers provide plenty of storage space and storage space

storage ideas credenza with storage boxes

Build floor bookcase yourself

storage space from coarse wood

Original coffee table on wheels

storage ideas of clear coffee table on wheels

So a sideboard on the couch position can be very handy

The Cabinet fronts made of different textures provide more dynamic recessed shelf storage space and book Dresser

storage elegant wall shelf for utensils

Stylish, transparent seat full of firewood

storage ideas glass chest of drawers for firewood

Robust wall with plenty of storage space

storage ideas grey wall and metal baskets

A chest of drawers in Walnut wood with coarse grain looks very classy

storage ideas wooden chest of drawers with compartments

Stylish space-saving solution in the attic

storage ideas In the attic

Intelligent store firewood

storage ideas fireplace with firewood space-saving, eclectic living room furniture

storage ideas leather watch storage box

Simple shelves and artwork

storage ideas metal construction cabinet

The dark woven cases give a softer touch the chest of drawers

storage ideas minimalistic Dresser braided boxes

Original, modern sideboard for your little treasures

storage ideas modern sideboard from glass

Long shelf boards are not only practical but also very stylish

storage ideas open shelves from light wooda unique, mobile shelving modules

storage oval square modules

Delicious orange accents make the living room

storage Raumhohe shelves with aluminium rods

You can place each other stacked storage boxes under a seat

storage ideas velvet storage boxes

Very solid with Orchid

storage simple shelf from dark wood

Floating wall shelf in bright shades

storage ideas floating shelf

Balanced with plenty of storage space

storage ideas symmetric cabinet system

Creative shelves drawers

Storage Wall shelves from old drawers

Chic living room in the pop art style

storage wall covering in wood optics

Generous wall shelf and rattan trays

storage ideas white bookcase and round rattan basketsflat, room-high wall shelf

storage ideas wall with bookshelves and images

Are you happy ideas with this storage collection? Did you find something suitable for your living room? We hope at least to have been helpful to you.

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