Tips For The Retro Look In The Living Room

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retro look In the living room of Kardinalrote couch and floor lamp

Tips for the retro look in the living room

The style of the 1950s to the 1970s, which is characterized mainly by bold shapes, geometric patterns and Flash combinations considered retro look. The design from the birth years of the pop art is used repeatedly for fashionable trends. In the interior design, the retro look has a fixed size.

The style is not used as a pure copy, but in combination with the classic living room design. A room that is equipped with retro elements, would provide only a colorful Museum. It is better to set effective accents the style. This works so well because the retro look as a starting point of the modern living world can provide all modern furnishings with an unusual outfit.

A touch of colonial style

retro look In the living room upholstered soft designer sofa

Retro elegance

retro look In the living room watch the colonial-style

Familiar from ancient times

retro look In the living room floral pattern wallpaper

As a tip of principle of: retro elements should find themselves at several levels of Interior design, but used only as a “Quote”.

Nostalgia with style

retro look In the living room wallpaper with circular patterns

4 tips for spotlight

Tip 1

Viewpoints can be produced very succinctly by wall decorations. Great pictures there is no shortage of pop art certainly, but a highlight for the local Gallery is in any case the Monroe diptych by Andy Warhol. Meet here equal to three characteristics: screen printing, exceptional colour combinations and an icon of film history.

Timeless and proud

retro look In the living room Lady with Hat

Tip 2

The poster on the wall can use but also in black and white in scene effectively nostalgic motifs.

Nostalgia with style

retro look In the living room of mother and child

Tip 3

At the window, curtains create the feeling, to be beamed back a couple of decades with geometric prints immediately.

Tip 4

The strongest effect unfolds a wall which is completely covered with retro wallpaper.

Colorful and cozy

retro look In the living room of circular pattern

Retro style furniture

The kidney of the 1950s and the following decades of first choice for a retroplastic seats are furniture. Who wants to combine the variety of forms in a facilities object, is well advised with a flower base (preferably with bamboo Tower).

Vintage wall clock as eye-catcher

retro look In the living room floorboards and vintage wall clock

Slanting conical carrier parts, ceramic plates and the contrast of curved shapes and straight lines provide a sample image of the time. The inflatable armchair “Blow” there again today in the redesign is a cult object. Dark woods, leather and chrome round off the retrospective spatial impression.

retro look In the living room Vitrinenschran from light wood

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