With The Proper Lighting The Living Room Scene Setting

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lighting interior design sofa before fireplace

How to select the right lighting for your living room

The living room is used as the center of life and the apartment extremely diverse. Whether television, relax, write, read, listen to music, play or entertain guests – any employment other demands on the lighting conditions. With only a single light source most will not come out. Rather, at least three lights are appropriate for an average living room with an area of 20 square meters. In addition, that can be used with the correct lighting the living room scene and create a cozy atmosphere. Simple tricks, you can dive even your living room in a pleasant atmosphere. In any case, the lighting concept is well thought out and carefully planned is important. Because the spatial effect will depend on the quality of the lighting level, the shadow games and determines the type of lamps.

lighting sofa rendering Orange

Lamps-mix for different requirements

To create the right lighting for the living room, there should be enough connections for the artificial light. This means that some additional sockets should be planned with a new building. And in existing buildings pending renovation work could be used to install additional connections in the living room. Because each job requires different light conditions, a mix of lamps with different light colours and thicknesses on the entire area should be distributed in the living room .

Energy saving lamp, halogen bulb & co.

After conventional light bulbs are gradually prohibited, many consumers face the problem, that they don’t know which alternative light sources should use them. While the brightness of incandescent light bulbs by the wattage is determined, are the values of the energy-saving lamps for many completely new territory. So, the original 60-watt bulb is replaced by an 11-Watt energy-saving lamp.

lighting energy saving

Who also wants to create a cosy atmosphere, you should choose energy-saving lamps in “warm white”. Point-shaped light should be used, however, on halogen bulbs. The right bulb for the right lighting is available at the online portal Mueno .

Create atmosphere with light and accent

Rooms, which are fully illuminated, without even a shadow can be found, affect many so uncomfortable as a doctor room or a waiting room. Can be easily countered this dreary atmosphere. Be created islands of light, so certain areas more illuminated than others, the room looks much nice. Moreover, nice details or things that have a particular value, should be brought into focus and staged with light accents. Continue to, light sources should be shielded as possible so that the view can wander undisturbed through space and the eye is not blinded by a sudden light spot. In particular the coiled energy-saving lamps only unfold their full luminosity under a Lampshade.

lighting energy-saving lamp euro

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