Patio Design Ideas For More Comfort In The Outdoor

terrace design ideas outdoor furniture sofa couch table hammock

Patio design ideas – three great verandas for inspiration

The small rooms and terraces have something common. Many people, who love the plants, create it from a small porch to make a super great garden.

We look at a few great examples together. Here (the picture at the top) has it adapted so great interior decorating garden, that the whole thing like a great unit appears.

(The picture below) here we see the same space, but from a slightly broader perspective. The floor is covered with a carpet of flowers. The large clear vase with flowers seems to grow.

Turn your patio into a cosy relaxation area!

terrace design ideas outdoor furniture sofa coffee table wall green

This colourful flower design is well thought out down to the detail. Just see how one has strengthened several times through the orange the color expressiveness of design! Even the orange juice on the table seems to have been integrated in the concept.

Vibrant colour design

terrace design ideas lounge furniture sofa couch table flowers fruit

Who had thought that this porch on the other hand offers one area. Where he is in total contrast to the previously displayed. It proves that the previously displayed details are printed on a table set with armchairs. They are characterized by their filigree metal appearance.

Outdoors – enjoy the beautiful weather dining area!

terrace design ideas lounge furniture relaxation corner figures

Now we come to the next setting. Here you have an urban ambience, which is clearly to identify. The range of the plant appears as a transition from indoors to outdoors. The flowers have actually been installed here at the Windows. But this changed nothing because, as vibrant and lush green works.

terrace design ideas wood furniture table chairs potted window

The next image is the same atmosphere. Here were entrusted the green corner only thanks to a small side table in vintage style. In addition, it was highlighted by the art above and below. Here we see the railing filled with flowers from the outside perspective. The pots are secured, so that they do not compromise the health of the people who run including. In style, which relies more on the lush greenery and less on the flowers, they appear as an extension of the Green Street.

Don’t forget the decorative elements!

terrace design ideas wood furniture wooden table chairs potted plants wall decoration

There’s always room for a few potted plants

terrace design ideas potted windowsill balcony plants

Then we come to the third and final area of today. Here one has a long, relatively narrow terrace. That’s why it seems here for hanging plants to have decided. They correspond with the filigree railings, as well as with other elements: the slender legs of the Chair, the coffee table cut from timber logs. As an extension of the plant concept is also the swing, in which the children reside.

Hanging plants on the balcony

terrace design ideas potted plants hanging plants for balcony balcony furniture

…und hanging basket Chair also

terrace design ideas hanging balcony plants balcony furniture hanging basket Chair