Crafting With Cones – 55 Great Decoration Ideas For Christmas

Posted on Dec 04, 2017

The pine cones are probably among the most popular natural materials for crafting, which everyone knows. From it can be beautiful garlands, wreaths and table decorations as well as funny animals and males make. Crafts with cones makes big and small always a lot of fun. In addition, cones are usually free, because you can accumulate them in different sizes and shapes in the forest and in the park. And a nice side effect is the long walk in the fresh air. Something like acorns, stones and chestnuts For example, cones can also be decorated in different ways or used as building blocks. Depending on your taste, lifestyle and time, you can choose from many deco and craft ideas and today we have a lot for you. You will also learn how to make craft glue yourself and how to easily prepare scented pine cones with cinnamon.

Crafting with cones is fun for everyone!

tinker with thong decoration ideas for christmas

Crafts with cones: the preparations

Although you can tinker with any kind of cones super fast and easy for Christmas, we prefer the pine or the pine cones. These can be used directly after collecting for crafting, if you need them for short-term flash projects. For several and more demanding crafts, we advise you to tinker with a soft brush from the sand and dirt before tinkering.

The cones can even be rinsed off and subsequently left to dry in the oven at 150 degrees for about 20 minutes. At the same time they are also disinfected and freed from bacteria, fungi and vermin. Allow the cones to flash briefly after baking and allow them to cool completely.

So the cones are ready for crafting!

making christmas decorations yourself with cones and plucking

You can also enchant the cones with beguiling, wintery scents, such as with cinnamon, orange, cardamom or vanilla. And how is that possible? Very easily! It is best always to use real spices and essential oils So you do not have to breathe any harmful substances.

If you would like to make scented pine cones with cinnamon yourself, you can proceed as follows:

Extra tip:

You can also add a delicate vanilla scent in the last moment, in addition to your Christmas decoration, especially when it’s on the table. And that goes with vanilla sugar. Simply sprinkle plenty of vanilla sugar over the cones, fir green and candles. It not only smells heavenly delicious, but your decoration looks like it’s just snow-covered.

Even in the natural look, cones are stunningly beautiful

gift wrapping ideas tinker with cones

What can be tinkered with cones for Christmas?

Actually… practically everything – original Christmas tree decoration , Garlands, table decorations, lanterns, candlesticks, etc. The cones look just great, whether they are used in nature look or decorated with color and glitter. With the help of very simple materials such as cotton, felt, string and plucking as well as tools such as scissors, hot glue gun and pliers, you can conjure up beautiful Christmas decoration.

Take a look at our picture gallery and choose those crafting ideas that you like the most. Most of them can be copied without any instructions. We have explained others in picture and text for you. For example, would you like to know how to make glittering cones yourself as Christmas decorations? Here comes the easiest guide for you…

Crafting with cones and glitter made easy

DIY garland crafts with cones

make christmas tree decorations yourself with cones

Make beautiful Christmas pendants with glittering cones

Such pendants can then be hung up practically anywhere – at the window, on the Christmas tree, above the festive table or in the hallway as an atmospheric wall decoration. The choice is entirely up to you.

Materials and tools:

  • Pine or pine cones
  • craft glue
  • Hot glue gun for the suspension (optional)
  • Parcel cord, cord and cloth loops
  • brush
  • Glitter powder

The glittering cones can be designed by wooden skewers as plug-in decoration for Christmas

making gold christmas decorations yourself with cones

And this is how it’s done:

After you have cleaned and dried the cones, you can smear them one after the other with the craft glue and the brush and then sprinkle with the glitter powder or roll in the powder. You can use a large flat plate in both approaches, and preferably lay out old paper or cardboard underneath.

In a similar way, you can also use acrylic paint…

do handicrafts with cones for christmas decoration yourself

Extra tip:

You can remove the holder of old or broken Christmas tree balls and attach this to the pins with the hot glue gun. Then you just need to thread a cord or loop and… done!

On artificial snow, powdered sugar or simply in a bowl, the pine cones look stunning

tinker with pin color glitter make christmas decoration yourself

Crafting with cones is one of our favorite Christmas crafts and we are always fascinated by their versatility and naturalness. They can be combined with everything and look not only glittering magical, but also in the natural look. In addition, these beautiful trees help us to invite nature into our own four walls and make us feel more relaxed and happy.

A lot of fun and contemplative Christmas wishes you the Freshideen editors!

making vintage Christmas tree ornaments by hand

Effective Christmas decoration made of cones and colorful yarn

do handicrafts with cones make christmas decoration with yarn yourself
tinker with thongs yarn craft ideas for christmas

Tinker little dwarfs made of cones and felt for the Christmas tree

tinker with cones to make Christmas dwarf Christmas tree ornaments yourself
gold colored pinecone christmas tree ornaments ideas tinker with cones

Of course, other natural materials also go perfectly with pine cones

tinker with cones winter deco owls from pine cones

Smart ideas with pompons and pearls

bommel christmas decorations make tinker yourself
christmas tree ideas reindeer rudolf idea tinker with cones
pompons idea to christmas crafts with cones
fir-tree with cones christmas-baubeln ideas

Make original Mini Christmas trees from cones themselves

colorfully painted Christmas decorations tinker with cones
Making Christmas decorations yourself with a tap

For larger Christmas trees made of pine cones, you can also use craft foam

making christmas tree yourself with a tap
mason jute package string tinkering with cones ideas
Christmas decoration with cones and fir green
christmas decoration ideas fir-trees make DIY with cones
make a fir-tree yourself, make things with cones ideas

Even as candlesticks and lanterns make cones a good figure

make candles windlights yourself tinker with tap
DIY Windlichter crafting ideas with cones
Windlichter make tinkering with tap
tinker with tap natural materials deco at christmas
tinker natural materials with cones christmas advent

In terms of gift packaging, of course…

tinkering with thongs gifts packaging diy ideas

Beautiful Christmas wreaths and festive lighting with cones – no problem!

tinkering with cones ideas for christmas wreath
lighting lights tinker with thongs to christmas
making christmas wreath yourself making with tap and rattan
making christmas decorations with cones and string lights in the glass

And how about some cute DIY guardian angels as Christmas tree decorations?

Making angels with cones make christmas decorations yourself
Make Christmas decorations by yourself

Of course it can also be Santa Claus…

santa claus making christmas tree ornaments by hand

… or the snowman?

Making a snowman yourself with a tap

And why not two little penguins?

make christmas decoration with cones new year's decor yourself

Combined with hearts, cones look great too

jute hearts making christmas tree decorations with cones ideas

With glitter you can combine any color

christmas decoration diy ideas tinker with cones
make pink pinecone yourself with tinker
make yourself red silver christmas decoration yourself with cones

Other natural materials can also be embellished with gold and silver or with glitter

tinker with christmas decoration Advent decoration ideas

Stylish vintage decoration of pine cones for Christmas

Christmas decoration made of ball mason glass crafts with cones
making christmas decoration yourself with a tap
Make christmas decoration by yourself

A pretty DIY thong garland for real purists

christmas decoration ideas tinker with cones

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