Make Christmas Decorations Yourself: Little Effort – Big Impact!

The beauty of things is known to be in the eye of the beholder, not infrequently but also in its simplicity. Exactly this fascinates us again and again in the furnishing and decorating, because very simple, minimalistic elements are so often an eye-catcher and immediately captivate the attention of the beholder. Soon it’s time again! The fairytale advent season comes and seduces us to more relaxation, drinking tea, invite friends to his home and… of course, also for crafting. Because, now it is the right time to make beautiful Christmas decorations yourself. Just like us, most of you may already have had enough of ready Christmas decoration off the shelf. Everything almost always looks so similar and only the few shops offer really original deco items that do not scream for kitsch. Only home-made and handicraft always manage to emit an individual, personal touch.

Christmas decorations made of felt

christmas tree felt christmas decorations make your own ideas

Making Christmas decorations yourself does not necessarily have to be just for crafting professionals. But on the contrary! There are countless variations for DIY Christmas tree decorations, Advent wreath and Türkränze, window decoration, Christmas figures and much more. We want you with our today Craft ideas for Christmas inspire and assist in your creative work.

Christmas cake with felt

To make original Christmas decorations made of felt yourself, you only need a small amount of materials, a little bit of time and a pinch of craftsmanship. No special skills are needed. The simple Christmas decoration ideas for crafting here with us are very easy to copy. In principle, you only need to trace, cut, stuff and sew buttons or sequins onto the felt.

Sweet snowmen and Santa Claus, Christmas balls and Christmas trees are created in no time at all – a whole Christmas ensemble of beautiful figures and jewelery, which ensure an optimal pre-Christmas atmosphere. Of course, besides felt, other home textiles that you can find at home or in the textile store are also suitable. Especially fabrics in red, white and green are to be recommended for the DIY Christmas decorations. But also something more shiny or in muted, neutral colors, the fabrics look great as Christmas decorations. Of course, everything is allowed that you like.

Small pompoms and ribbons complete the DIY Christmas decoration

felt snowman christmas decorations make your own ideas

Make cute Christmas tree pendants from felt yourself

christmas trees christmas decoration make yourself felt buttons

For knit and stick friends are even finer options

christmas tree fils making christmas decorations by yourself

Creative craft ideas with wood for Christmas

Of course, other natural materials, such as wood, are also a perfect alternative to felt and fabric. Because these are clearly for comfort and warmth and ensure the appropriate portion Hygge feeling in the winter. Not for nothing is this material used by the Scandinavians in living, furnishing and decorating, especially in its lighter version, always happy.

Make beautiful Christmas trees from wooden chipboards as Christmas tree decorations yourself

wood christmas decorations make christmas trees yourself

Or you cut the plates out as shown below to master original 3D trees

christmas decoration made of wood 3d christbaum

Thin tree discs become a creative door wreath without great effort

christmas wreath self tinker wood pine fir green

Christmas crafts meet upcycling

To reuse different used things by one original misappropriation , has been in great demand for a long time and continues to be in vogue. Often only a few inspiring ideas and very little aids and materials, such as paint, scissors, brush or bast, are enough. Out of the old things you will find magnificent decorations and unbelievably original living products or even real works of art. Take a look at the crafting ideas below and think about which items you no longer need, but which can be used for fun.

Let yourself be inspired and create your own personal Christmas decorations for the perfect festive atmosphere in your own four walls!

A contemplative Advent and a Merry Christmas!

Smart craft idea for Christmas with tin cans and pine cones

Christmas decorations make your own natural materials pine cones

Even apples can be alienated in a very original way

apples make christmas decoration yourself white candles

Or even the delicious gingerbread…

gingerbread christmas decorations make your own ideas
make Christmas decorations yourself gingerbread baking

Tinker elegant Christmas tree from Throw Pillow

original christmas decoration by yourself making christmas tree out of pillows

From old newsprint can be created great Christmas balls

diy christmas decoration yourself making ideas christmas tree ornaments

A magnificent felt garland with small Christmas trees

diy christmas decoration to make your own garland of felt

Mantel made of felt for Christmas

felt christmas trees christmas decorations to make yourself

Christmas would not really be Christmas without Santa!

Make christmas decoration by yourself making felt Santa himself

Christmas decoration for advanced

Felt christmas decorations make your own wall decoration ideas

fabric christmas decoration make yourself garland

christmas star made of felt Christmas decoration to make yourself

And some of felt and fabric

Christmas decoration made from felt red white Christmas trees
Christmas decorations made from felt christmas trees

make yourself a christmas decoration fabric pine cones christmas decorations

christmas figures christmas crib christmas decoration to make yourself
christbaumschuck ideas felt christmas decorations to make yourself
Felt Christmas decorations make your own sequin buttons
gloves christmas decoration make your own ideas christmas tree decorations

Pretty Christmas tree decorations made of wood

wood christmas decorations to make your own ideas christmas ornaments ideas

… or even an alternative Christmas tree!

Christmas decoration idea for Christmas tree on the wall

Cute Rudolf reindeer will fit perfectly

rudolf weihnachtsdeko tinker reindeer made of felt
christmas decoration by yourself snowman christmas socks christmas tree decorations
christmas decorations are made by santa claus rudolf schneemann
candy canes christbaum stars christmas decorations to make your own

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