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Green Act – made easy: simple ways for an economical use of water

The warm temperatures and the reduced amount of rain water saving is becoming increasingly important. In the summer, you must seriously discuss. Thereby we can list many reasons for such a discussion. Some people are just aware of environment and others want to save money.

In all cases, the tips can be very helpful for you here. We have compiled 20 ideas for an economical use with water, we want to present you today.

Bring the facilities up to date – reduction of water consumption

tips to reduce the water consumption kitchen pendant luminaires glass

It has assigned the various devices not for nothing different classes of energy today. Buy the highest class, which you can afford at all. Then it will pay off by the low bills.

Use as little as possible the garbage disposal

tips to reduce the water consumption of exterior facade

Create a compost bin and there throw away the garbage. You would save reduced plate rinsing on water through it. So, you have also a natural replacement for the fertiliser for your garden.

Use rain barrels, for the collection of water.

You can save many litres of water for the benefit of the environment and the account depending on the rainfall.

You are choosing drought-tolerant and native plants.

Everywhere, where there is just a little problems with the drought you can save this approach quite many problems and water.

Turning to the faucet or regulate the flow by a pedal

tips to reduce the water consumption sink kitchen

You should become a habit the turning of the spout. We all need to do that if we want the survival of humanity. The memory of this Act will happen automatically with the installation of a pedal

Sealing all equipment well off

Save water by avoiding the leakage through the tubes and other pipes!

Set you well your lawn sprinkler sparingly a

tips to reduce the consumption of water grass wood flooring chairs

You need no irrigation systems for the vehicles, walkways and other areas without plants. Test the functionality of your and make sure that you’re wasting water. Note: the correct position and rebuild it the next time the irrigation system exactly one.

Avoid the use of chemicals in the garden

Use the substances spread outside of the target area and reach the water on the one or the other way. If you still use them, reduce them to the minimum

Find alternative for grass

Do you absolutely have to have a lawn and be always engaged in its care? Instead, you could use an alternative such as about native plants, gardens, porches, playgrounds and much more!

Upgrading the toilet more environmentally friendly off

tips to reduce the water consumption toilet blue wall

The older toilets can use too much water. Search for a new, efficient model. Alternatively you can use water from the barrel!

Check through a very simple method, whether the toilet is clogged.

You can leave for food or some other drops in the water color. If after half an hour, the stain is gone, then the toilet is not blocked

Save water in the shower

tips to reduce the water consumption of wooden wall decoration bathroom

If you reduce the time under the shower with one minute, you have made a great contribution to the environment and your Bill. While applying shampoo, the water must not run also.

Install saving showers

This is also a small optimization, which will do much good in the long run.

Install a hot water pipe

The rapid advent of warm water reduces the waiting time until it arrives to you. Do you go a step further? Keep a bucket in the bathroom and use it to collect the cold water.

Wash only, if the washing machine is full

tips to reduce the water consumption washer

Thus, you would save many litres of water. Your machine has different settings which provide smaller loads? Use them necessarily. But it’s the less economical alternative of the two!

Opt for natural cleaning products and cleaning agents

Very deliberately, use bleach, washing powder, toilet bowl cleaner and other products. It is important to remember that these then go over into the environment. Whenever possible, use natural products.

Return the paths rather than spray them down

tips to reduce the water consumption Court Garden House

Is the benefits of this choice for the nature and your Pocket obvious, right?

Water less frequently, but deeper

The plants love the irrigation to their roots. They are healthier and stronger. Plan some weekly irrigations and carefully run it.

Water in the morning or in the evening

If water in the heat, the process will be easy, not very effective, because some of the water will evaporate very quickly.

Accustomed to the use of the leftover water and ice cubes for the irrigation of the plants

tips to reduce the water consumption Chair table flower pots

At first glance, this happens some people too much. But you will notice with the time: you will need a little more water from the faucet for this purpose!

Water is becoming increasingly expensive over time. It will soon be one of the most important goods in the world. Do you not now save this, if it is still a matter of course?

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