Alkaline Fruit Cake Without Baking For A Perfect Acid-base Homeostasis

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Simple recipe for a vegan fruitcake with stevia

Do you feel tired and overwhelmed? Do you have a funny taste in your mouth? Maybe these complaints lie on the imbalance of your acid-base balance. We’ve written quite a bit about the great benefits of alkaline foods . This group of foods includes especially fresh fruits and vegetables. You should avoid alcohol, sugar and coffee, however. How ‘ bout but then ever with sweet? Don’t worry, you can just as we nibble much earlier. How can that be possible? That goes especially with the healthy sugar substitute, stevia, which has a wide usage for a short time also in Europe. In the meantime, you can buy stevia not only in the organic shops, but also in the supermarket. Stevia is there as a powder and liquid form. The stevia plant contains eight different glycosides. The most important of these is the so-called stevioside. This Glycoside is much sweeter than a sucrose concentration of 10% and 1/300 of the calories of the conventional sugar. Although stevia is temperature resistant and is suitable for cooking and baking, it actually has the disadvantage that it can dispense it quite difficult. That you have to really watch. You run the risk of incorrect dosage that your cake tastes either fade or almost bitter.

Garnish with fresh, edible flowers and nuts

fruitcake alkaline past raw recipe hazelnuts violet

We want to help you and have an easy recipe for a basic fruit cake without baking for you today. Here is a cake that is completely different, as you may know from your childhood. Ingredients such as sugar, milk, flour and eggs, which acidifies your body, are omitted here. What comes in its place? Valuable nuts, dry and fresh fruits and natural stevia. You can prepare this cake with almost all kinds of fruits. He is a beneficial source of food for your body and a heavenly delight for the senses. The preparation is very easy and very fun.

Blueberries and raspberries are a perfect combination of fruit

fruitcake alkaline blueberries raspberries nuts raw basic

Alkaline fruit pies with stevia

Ingredients for the floor:

300 g ground nuts of your choice (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds)
5-7 mashed dates
Juice Orange squeezed from

Ingredients for the topping:

100 g fresh fruit (according to taste and season) raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc.
4 dates
3 TSP stevia – at best Goviosid stevia granules
100 g strawberries, halved
50 g Kokosflöckchen or almonds

Flowers and delicious raspberries

fruitcake basic raspberry nuts raw recipe

How is it done:

Step 1

Remove the seeds from the dates and mash them. Knead the dates together with the almonds and orange juice into a dough and shape the round cake ground it (about Ø 20 cm, 1.5 cm high). Then place it on the cake plate, with which you will serve the cake.

Step 2

Mix 100 g fruit and the four dates with the 2 tablespoons stevia granules. If you get a fruit sauce it, feel free to distribute them on the bottom of the cake.

Step 3

For the decoration of the Obstkuchens use half strawberries and coconut flakes. Alternatively, you can decorate with almond slivers. With this simple basic cake, save yourself the time and can serve him right. It can be warm or enjoy well chilled. Good appetite!

Celebrate the strawberry!

fruitcake alkaline fruits strawberries fresh nuts

End of the summer is the perfect time for a rough fig cake

fruitcake alkaline fruits fresh figs

Pomegranate grains on delicate fruit sauce

fruitcake alkaline fruit pomegranate grains

Blueberry and orange rings

fruitcake alkaline fruits Orange Blueberry nuts

Cake sophistication with beetroot and spring flowers

fruitcake alkaline vegetables beetroot spring blossoms

Delicious berries and fresh mint

fruitcake basic without baking fruit stevia

Blueberries and strawberries spoil

fruitcake alkaline baking raw blueberries strawberries

A healthy piece for any sweet tooth

fruitcake basic raw fruits nuts

Vegan fruit explosion

fruitcake alkaline vegan raw raspberries blackcurrants blueberries

Combine with dark chocolate stevia

fruitcake alkaline past dark Schokolande Orange pomegranate

In a similar way you can prepare also a basic carrot cake

fruitcake alkaline walnuts fruits layers