Brightly Painted Furniture For More Color At Home

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colorful painted furniture Chair kitchen attractive wood

More color in the room through the selection of painted furniture

The colored furniture is an ever increasing tendency. These provide more flavor and personalize your decoration. Not too long think about what color will be suitable. SiDie paint colored furniture are an ever-increasing tendency. These provide more flavor and personalize your decoration. Consider you not too long, what color matching wird.e be a piece of furniture in your popular nuance and then you can supplement this with different accents in the room.

Why is this idea innovative? For a long time in the world of design, you had assumed that the furniture should show neutral shades. Then they found out the wonderful effect of beautiful furniture on the atmosphere. Mostly to obtain refreshment shiny colours. But rather than overcrowd the space thus, you could make much more by a painted piece of furniture for a few lively accents.

You can (as shown in the illustrations below) each piece of paint and then provide a flush look by adding another, corresponding details

stained surface playful painted furniture double wardrobe

Did you like the idea? Here are the simple steps through which you can achieve this perfectly:

1. first, you need to thoroughly clean the piece of furniture.

Therefore, in the shop, ask detergents suitable for your material. So, you will avoid the annoying bumps. Also, the color is not damaged by the stains. If it is a module, then it should be taken apart and painted separately.

2. remove the old layers of color or gloss by the funds appropriately for this imaginary.

To achieve an equal and smooth look after the change!

3. use be sure also the primer before the color. Thus, the positive results are guaranteed.

4. after drying, you should sand the primer with grinding paper.

Many people give up. But when the really professional-looking pieces of furniture, this is surely the secret to success. In addition, this method for the sustainability of the results helps!

5. only after all these preparations, it is time to paint the furniture

6. once the paint is dry then once, this should fix it also. You make it through the fixative!

Paint one of the old chairs and give him new life

colorful painted furniture Chair glittering traditionally beautiful

Would like to nicely painted furniture as shown in the figure? Expressing this advice and go! The result is guaranteed.

Low green drawers – flower patterncolorful painted furniture Dresser green wood plate flower pottraditional cabinet, richly decorated and brightly patterned colorful painted furniture double wardrobe Dresser pattern interesting

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