British Fever: DIY Decorative Projects, From Union Jack Inspired

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DIY decorative projects Dresser yellow red English flag

British fever: DIY decorative projects

Let’s talk a little first about the British flag. This is also called the Union Jack and is a symbol of the country for many centuries. Certainly, the British have also contributed to the development of the design as such. These are all good reasons to dedicate an article of the known color combination of red, white and blue. The examples below enroll well both in the traditional and the modern design.

A Festival of flags – DIY decorative projects

DIY decorative chest of drawers project surface flag hairdryer classic

The flat surface in the image below has inserted the Union Jack perfectly

DIY decorative chest of drawers project surface flag drawers

The home improvement project is part of the company Miss mustard seed. This usual drawers were converts to a patriotic artwork. It has used Welti and color. You can allow even an antique look by the visibility of the wood between the strips.

DIY decorative projects bedroom headboard lamps idea pillow

If you want to use it as a headboard, you should pay special attention on the safety!

DIY decorative projects headboard lamp books read

You can organize much in a British way, by having as a plug-in Board like this of Carmel from our fifth house

DIY decorative projects English headboard flag bedroom

It offers infinite possibilities for storage, which enroll perfectly in any room.

Sit stylishly and comfortably on this Union Jack seat of Wendy from front porch Mercantile

DIY decorative projects English bench stool classic flower pot

The worn painted look is very meaningful on a terrace or veranda. If your bank is outside, you should necessarily cover these with sealant. So will be protected against the influence of nature.

You can turn into a turning point in the area as a DIY idea like this Brittany from Brittany makes a picture frame

DIY decorative projects wall mirror frame English chest of drawers

If you want to include in your design not the complete British flag, this solution is the most perfect compromise decision for you.

New conception of neutral shades

DIY decorative projects English foot stool Chair classic

You can capture some modernistic icon by the neutral variants of the three colors

DIY decorative project Chair footstool cushion English comfortable idea

This stool in Brown and blue comes from the designer Marian from Miss mustard seed. Do you recognize the diverse possibilities for the design?

The gray version of the Union Jack is a fine interpretation of the original version. This was painted by Courtney from reckless glamour.

This monochromatic shelf makes a good impression in spite of neutral nuances.

DIY decorative projects English Dresser drawers do it yourself

Accessories in the same color you will ensure a uniform appearance

DIY decorative projects chest of drawers grey white English flag weird

A larger view

This shelf of Sibyl Funkytime eclectic acts by the magenta and yellow color. Try out saturated colors. The deposition of several layers is achieved a unified look hard and wait long to dry.

The bright colours are a boyish alternative to the original version

DIY decorative projects Dresser yellow red English flag

The nuances in the color of lemon of company Southern Eclectic are quite original

DIY decorative projects English flag bold colours COMMODE

Provide encouragement in daily life. The high gloss lacquered topsheet is a classy touch, which just converts the piece in color terms in classical music.

How do you find these examples? Looking for something quite unusual. The integration of a national flag might be exactly to your taste.

DIY decorative projects chest of drawers painted accents bringing national flags in the interior design is becoming more popular

The examples here show that this may result in fairly original ideas

DIY decorative projects chest of drawers painted playful bright colors

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