Carpet Yourself Clean And More Cleaning Tips

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How to clean sofa, armchairs and carpet yourself

Right making clean carpets, furniture, curtains, sofas and glass is essential for our well-being. Continue guaranteeing their longevity in this manner.

Today we want to introduce a couple of methods. You are some well known, but also somewhat optimized to achieve really good results.

Tips for window cleaning

carpets yourself clean and other tips

Find out on which side the spots on the window are actually!

If you are this isn’t exactly clear, then proceed as follows: make vertical movements on the front and horizontal on the back. Everything works out much easier with the right tools.

Only the carpet vacuuming

carpet yourself clean

Carpets and wallpaper

In this case, it has to do mostly with mites and dust. But before you treat these with the dryer, you should consult specialists. Because some can be damaged.

To remove stains, try the following homemade formula: remove a spoonful of detergent and a tablespoon of vinegar in a litre of lukewarm water. Stir until foam forms, so clean the stains with round-shaped movements.

To clean the wall wallpaper

wallpaper yourself clean

Wait a few minutes and collect the whole foam in another bowl. Then enter this in the polluted places. After a few minutes, you could remove it. You should do a thorough cleaning approximately once a year.

Important Tip: Avoid getting sisal wallpapers or rough covers in contact with the suspension rails of the curtains.

The right sofa cleaning

sofa yourself clean

Sofas and armchairs

With the vacuum cleaner, you should clean these naturally every day. However, from time to time, one must also undertake a thorough cleaning. Sometimes, you have to remove about also stains of coffee or food. Here the mixture of 2/3 of lukewarm water and 1/3 vinegar can be very helpful.

Easily remove stains

carpet stains right clean

If the stains from chocolate, grease or sauce, you should go with a clean cloth in that’s been dipped in lukewarm water only.

Important Tip: You can remove the best all kind of stains on upholstered furniture with shaving cream. Then you can remove it with a stick along with the dirt.

Various substances to clean with a device

sofas armchairs and carpet yourself clean

Properly polished wood panels

old wood clean

Clean mattresses and pillows themselves

blankets and pillows themselves clean

Different wooden parts to clean

wood parts and carpet yourself clean

Properly clean laminate flooring

laminate flooring and carpet yourself clean

With a damp cloth, wipe the leather couch

leather sofa cleaning itself

Wood blinds cleaning carpet cleaning himself and others

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