Ceramic Decoration Themselves Make

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ceramic decoration themselves making architectural ceramics

Ceramic decoration make it easily yourself

Building ceramics came already in ancient Egypt used and has the most people certainly ever under the eyes. However, few know that this art of decorating contrary to their appearance, incredibly easy and simple to make. With a reasonable derivation and the right accessories, individual and stunningly beautiful wall decorations can be create in the blink of an eye.

Normal wall paint or wallpaper are too bland and too uninspiring, which can conjure up various works of art on the wall with the help of building ceramics, which then even better can be worked out by individual processing effects. Below, some major hints to work with architectural ceramics are to be delivered so. Specific tips, tricks and suggestions can be read over this article, also still at http://www.keramikbedarf.net/blog/do-it-yourself-baukeramik/ .

Ceramic decoration themselves do – what, exactly, is building ceramics?

The wall decoration is understood as architectural ceramics in General slabs or tiles made of ceramic. Thus, both quite regular tiles and flow in normal size are meant, as they are known, for example, out of the bathroom, as smaller and thereby significantly more individual tile elements, as they can be purchased in specific shops. Smaller fragments of old tiles can be used in the building ceramics – the combination of different materials such as glass or metal is also possible.

Ceramic decoration themselves make – slabs or tiles made of ceramic

ceramic decoration themselves make DIY ideas

The tiles piece by piece are mounted on a. vehicle dimensions and then fixed. For this, usually the surface itself with. the vehicle dimensions is covered, the tiles are then pushed in in these. Depending on the individual tiles or the ceramic elements are as big and heavy, different demands on the adhesive surface must be made. Finally a large weight could, for example, ensure that the ceramic not can sustain itself on the wall, what is particularly annoying in turn just after the elaborate production.

Differences between indoor and outdoor

To install ceramic element, for example, as a mosaic on the walls is recommended not only for the Interior of the apartment, but is possible also outside your own four walls. Here, different demands are made however of the processed item as well as on the gluing surface itself. Both must be, for example, Frost-proof for it below temperatures of zero degrees Celsius doesn’t come to that, that the materials are brittle and flake off. Also against humidity, a certain resistance must be as the glue could soften otherwise or would dissolve the colors of ceramics.

Ceramic decoration themselves make – are sent with your hands?

ceramic decoration themselves making pottery

Ceramic decoration themselves make – what materials are suitable?

Who wants to create a custom wall mosaic that should look either for particularly fancy ceramic elements or use the extraordinary composition to ensure that the result is mind-boggling. For example, small, colorful shards of glass can become a real eye-catcher, where while work explicitly on it should be taken to wear gloves to a possible risk of injury to minimize as far as possible. Also wooden beads or small memorabilia such as buttons can be used in the mosaic. It is particularly exceptional when some small figurines or similar come with to use.

Fancy ceramic plates with special glazes and great color effects, are more often sold in Oriental shops. If you have fun painting, can even paint his ceramic plates, should however observe the specific instructions regarding colour fastness. Otherwise, namely, would be the danger that the colors of the time either fade or run in the rain. Then again, both the rest of the mosaic and also the cement used as adhesive could stain.

In general it is advisable also at artfully arranged mosaics to work with templates and stencils. Just as, for example, the distances between the individual components can be kept correctly and the result is then really the image that has been before in your own head.

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