Cool DIY Mirror – Very Sophisticated But Affordable

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cool DIY mirror mosaic frame of beyond measure blog

Cool DIY mirror – very sophisticated but affordable

Nothing can provide a better reflection of the tastefully furnished home of pretty mirror. As a result to bring depth and light to the room, mirror lead their strange texture in mind, instantly transforming the space. A well-placed single mirrors or mirror duo every style choice can win–regardless of whether you prefer it traditional or modern, Shabby Chic or pompous, a DIY project will find, that fits your aesthetic sensibilities. Be inspired by our proposals and enliven your home quickly and easily perform mirror update.

A new ” ” Frame of Mind “ -creative mirror frame to change the State of mind

Mirrors are so degenerated that she is the beauty in the world – in a subtle way it your own or the one your apartment – uncover. By enriching the reflection by their nature, they work like an inspirational “quotes” – to be attentive to, look at the below dans le townhouse project. Simply spray on the mirror frame with the desired color and then use a template to express their personal shades.

Celadon elegance

cool DIY mirror of oval frame in Seladongrüner color

Plastic has never enchanted by a so-chic look like at the next level frame makeover ramblings fromutopia. Only a few a few layers of spray paint in hues have transformed into a squiggly masterpiece Mandarin this unobtrusive plastic frame that is due to a Palace. In the painting of plastic objects sanding the surfaces easily with sand paper, so the paint adheres better.

Flowery style in Tangerine

cool DIY mirror dark orange frame with roses pattern

A call to all lovers of nautical themes and motifs – the following project of happy Homebodies is the right choice for you! Using a hot glue gun to surround your frame from the inside to the outside with rope or jute. The texture of the material provides the room with visual appeal, while the neutral tone can be combined with any color palette.

Tasteful nautical decor

cool DIY mirror nautical ambience

Frame made of jute – very cleverly

cool DIY mirror with sisal part

The jute frame fits perfectly to the white shelf

cool DIY mirror dark small white shelf In the Hall

The stars of the show

The Sun-shaped mirror of the leading trend among decoration articles have been in recent years. This variant of nature-inspired by HGTV is a fresh version of the popular look. Group rods of different lengths to the edge of a circular mirror around and secure with hot glue. As a last touch you can do a metallic or final paint job – the result will be stunning with security.

Sun shaped from thin branches

cool DIY mirror Sonnenförmig in bright color

The decoration of the apartment will cost much money. Take the example of this project by Centsational girl. On the basis of a few color-free bars from the housewares business, the round mirror was embellished, but refined. Although the coloured version would have been a great addition to the design, the unfinished appearance of the mirror is not less chic.

Cream for a perfect, unique level design

cool DIY mirror rough design in cream colors

DIY example with the below listed by thrifty and chic the starburst trend Gets a Jolt in the direction of retro. The Zedernholz-‘Beams’ mirror recall the distinctive paneling from the 70’s, but the geometric shaping of edges lends a thoroughly modern effect.

Sun dark wood in the living room

cool DIY mirror Sun made dark wood

Artistic details

Such a gallery-like collection of mirrors like the one of at style home that is worthy of exhibition in an art museum, your creativity will make sure to flare up. Put together 10 to 15 mirror and make a parent cluster. The accumulation of non-uniform frame in the eye jumps below project. To ensure that your creation is not too intrusive, affix the ähnlichfarbenen frames side by side or spray the various quick-drying paint.

Many square mirror over the elegant chest of drawers in black

cool DIY mirror elegant shiny chest of drawers in black

By some inspiring ideas to DIY designs, cheap decoration pieces can get a stylish shine and be brought to completion. In the next project by Lilikoi joy are the unique accents of two mirrors in the value of €5. Elevate your creative work on an excellent level by the use of metallic and silvery colours – as an imitation of the glass surface is created, which visually extends the range of the mirror.

Geometric clarity with metallic lustre

cool DIY mirror with silver frame Metallicfarbenem

If you have a preference for recycled wood, so is this DIY proposal of gorgeous shiny things all over your case. Recycled pickets were used to make the rays parts which give a Sun shape mirror, but if you aspire to for example a beach look, also Driftwood may prove as a wonderful alternative. For a modern, colourful atmosphere, we recommend painting with shades of neon.

Sun design made of rough wood

cool DIY mirror Sun from dark rough wood

This mirror by Sarah M. Dorsey designs illustrated on the liveliest, as designs are transferred from the 80’s in the 21st century, with noticeable improvements. And where is likely the inspiration for this Aqua glass frame have been just? From a chandelier. If you ever encounter on one of these beauties in a Second-Hand shop, do not hesitate, but access to – you could use the sloping panes of glass for your homemade levels.

Very creative from Lampshade – like gold and mother of Pearl

cool DIY mirror from fine lamp shade

The great secret of the mirror is in its easy applicability, follow Dekoratioszwecke. You can both be used alone as the focal point in the room and serve that complements the existing set up. You can be on top of that extremely budget-friendly, satisfy all possible demands of style and guarantee an easy DIY transformation work! So what are you waiting – start immediately, to design your own project for the manufacture of a mirror! Is a final idea already there? Tell us about it in the comment space below.

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