Creative Rubber Recycling Ideas – Some Inspiration For You

creative rubber recycling ideas colorful tires for the wall garden

Creative rubber recycling ideas

There is no need to complain about the spare wheel. Old tires get more second life as flooring, pavers, sinks and even furniture.

Tires are one of the world’s largest and most problematic sources of waste. But as long as we drive, we will probably need tires. So, until we find an alternative for this modern essential, the recovery and repatriation of the tyre has significantly reduced our landfills. While tires and other rubber products were recycled for a long time for sports flooring and rubber shoes, they have rarely been – used in large quantities until recently.

Today recycled tires can be found in everything from furniture to the floor.  See here how you can use recycled tires around your House.

The basics: The great commercial source of natural latex is the rubber tree (hevea brasiliensis). This tree comes from South America and the rubber was the main source for most of the 19th century. Now Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia accounts for more than 70 per cent of all production of natural rubber.

Natural rubber is taken from the trees above a cock and in factories. Synthetic rubber is produced through a process called oil production polymerization.

Rubber paving bricks for more security

creative rubber recycling ideas for the private climbing wall

Both natural and synthetic rubber products can be recycled to make new products or to repair damaged. Fortunately, recycling rubber uses far less energy than the production of new rubber, which increases the demand for new products and prevents rubber tree plantations by the expansion in sensitive ecosystems.

Use: rubber flexibility, long-lasting and non-slip surface is suitable for floor and tile products. Rubber is used also for garden mulch, landscaping, paving, sinks and even furniture.

The rubber coffee table in this photo looks good and keeps the coffee cups from shifting!

Fine coffee table wood

creative rubber recycling ideas of fine table

Advantages: Recycled rubber is a busy slip-retardant material, ideal for bathroom and kitchen. The present production techniques produce recycled rubber in a range of colours and textures, so it is a simple solution for each design. Its ability to absorb and dampen noise, makes it ideal for children’s playroom floors and rooftop gardens, too.

Insulating properties of the recycled rubber making it also ideal for landscaping. As a groundcover, he can protect plants from Frost. Softer than stone and concrete, it is a good choice for child-friendly areas.

Non-slip stair for every season

creative rubber recycling ideas non-slip for the stairs

The rubber paving bricks out there have a lower embodied energy and absorb force much better than standard concrete versions. They contain usually a very high proportion of recycled rubber and need to install no glue or other chemicals.

Simple façade with paving brick made of rubber

creative rubber recycling ideas beautiful facade

Cons: Most companies that manufacture mulch from recycled tyres for the garden and sell, explaining that it is completely non-toxic. But some environmental groups – such as environmental human healthcare have concerns about toxins leaching into the soil and impede essential microbes for the decomposition of soil for healthy plant growth.

The usage in the garden

creative rubber recycling ideas for the garden

Recycled rubber can also unpleasant smell when it’s hot, and certain applications can be expensive.

Considerations: The amount of post-consumer recycled material in rubber flooring varies greatly depending on the manufacturer. Some use recycled, as well as natural rubber, so watch out for content of labels and look for a high proportion of recycled material, which is produced at the location.

A discreet kitchen flooring

creative rubber recycling ideas modern kitchen design

Upcycling: If you have a tire that is left over, try to use it outdoors for a planter or a good old fashioned tire swing. Of course, there are not only the tires made of rubber. Any old garden rubber boots can be used as large planters!

Eclectic flower vase – pink boots

creative rubber recycling ideas eclectic flowers vase

The old garden clogs as flower pots

creative rubber recycling ideas old purple shoes as flower pots

A colourful recycled playground

creative rubber recycling ideas great colorful swing

Designer rocking chair Leo Kempf

creative rubber recycling ideas rocking chair

Simply practical – two coffee tables

creative rubber recycling ideas coffee table