DIY Decoration Ideas For A Nautical Interior Design – Summer Atmosphere At Home Work

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nautical decoration design interior living room bright, comfortable helm

Original ideas for a nautical interior design

Summer is here! So, time for great travel! Whether you are in the Sun or dream only of a seaside holiday, you can have at home the nautical style. Driftwood, sailing, blue hues create an oasis, you definitely do not want to leave. Some DIY here are ideas, which you can start.

Bathroom decor – home create summer atmosphere

nautical interior design summer bathroom yourself make

Your bathroom is not on the ocean, but the beach guardian is in use. This shower curtain can save your design. He is made of bed cloth and is machine washable.You need ropes, eyebolt, and hot glue. Of course you can do node as well.

This bathroom project on the beach looks as if it was taken directly from the ship’s galley

nautical interior design summer bathroom towels as part

The curtain with the nautical design is the best choice for the bathroom decor

nautical interior design summer bathroom shower curtain

And may the pattern something else as anchor? You can buy these blinds or make with painter templates themselves.

Wall art

Mix the sizes and colors, you renovate the things non-natural wear and tear can look more authentic.

nautical interior design summer wall decoration rudder

And now a vintage at the same time and nautical idea – hang a swimsuit on the wall as wall art

nautical interior design summer basket towels bathroom frame

In the corridor, you may have also Beach decor, such as a basket that serves as wall art and a coat rack. Hanging knotted ropes for the nautical atmosphere.

nautical interior design summer wall white clothes hangernautical interior design summer floor corridor dresses stand

Next, we have wooden alphabet letters within a rope frame. Attach the Panel

nautical interior design summer Dresser compass drawers

Smaller accents

On the Internet, you can search according to different styles and make a mixture of accents.

A small ropes vase is the ideal weekend DIY project

nautical interior design summer decoration vases intertwined

The next project could be costly. Take a wooden platforms and color it white. But beware that the result is not too shiny. Grey pencil and stencil, then paint a word or a number.

nautical interior design summer chest Driftwood runner

For Beach decor, you certainly need burlap and rope

jute rope Beach lanterns light nautical theme injection you the fabric with a paint color and wrap it around a vase. Tie the rope, put it next to the lantern and enjoy it! You can either present at the table, or hang on the wall. jute rope Beach lanterns light nautical summer decoration

These sailboats are made of driftwood

Driftwood sailboat drawer table white stripe Blau Weiß roller

The sailing to be not necessarily just white and blue, there can be balanced with red accents.

Below tell us your opinion about these projects as a comment. A project did you particularly well?

Miniaturhaft sailboat Driftwood idea design summer decorative house

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