DIY Headboard – How Your Own Rustic Headboard From Old Doors Yourself Making Skills

DIY headboards rustic antique bedside table

Make a headboard out of old doors yourself DIY

You have not a guiding sense, if use a whole piece apart built and not on? Doesn’t tell you the inner voice and the conscience, that you could use this again?

While you could make so many new beautiful things from it. The old doors cabinets are an example of this. The doors, which you can see were originally circa 90 cm wide and against 200 cm high. You had it installed no Hadrware.

The work was then the 170 cm wide and the 167 cm height. You are still the 5 cm thick.

The materials you need:

3 to 30 cm large verb mending plates.

Matching 1 box wood screws (approx. 30 to 3 cm)

3 x 6 cm-large Black Gate hinges

2 black door hinges


Circular saws, drills and 3-15-15 boards

About measuring 170 cm on each side of the door and then mark the width. Check for hardware changes on the way of these lines and remove them if necessary.

To more easily remove the out marker and the jagged edges when cutting, you can attach a cover or Blue Ribbon at these places. Then attach a further mark on the tape. Cut the door to their length with a circular saw and a Linealfürhrung.

Lock plate

Place the top (cut) ends of the door so that they fit wonderfully together.

Positioning the 30 cm-large cap sheets not more than 6 cm from the edge removed

DIY headboard diligent screws

The Centre must come at the closure between the two doors.

First the wood screws through the holes of the inner holes of the fastening plates will come through and then by the other.

Attach the remaining fastener plates to the middle and upper side of the door

DIY headboard the screw seats fixed

Now attach the decorative hinges and handles

Now you can install the unit in. Then place the door leaf on their positions and fix the door hinges on the close at one end. In the determination of the place of the closure plates, to ensure that they do not obstruct the holes for the screws. Therefore in advance in advance, you could identify the positions of the holes and the door hinges.

Now you can mark the places where it needs to be cut,

DIY headboard precise work with pencil

Mark the positions of another gate hinges and you make here are the small “pilot holes”.

Attach the appropriate door hinges by using the appropriate screws

DIY headboard door hinge fixing

Do you have any hardware that you want to keep the old boards? If so, then you don’t need the next step.

DIY headboard the doorknob of your choice subject

For everyone else: To remove most the existing Hadrware:

Positioning you that clipped to the desired locations on the side profiles of the doors. Mark the positions of the holes for the screws, drill pilot holes and fasten them in the manner recommended by the manufacturer.

For exact measuring, cutting comes

DIY headboard size can be changed

If you attach the construction on the wall

There is a method, which is called “Suspension Rails”. This is about the connection of two doors, which were cut on their length with a 45 degree slope.

Here we explain step by step how you can do it! First you should install a central line at one end of the 3 to 15 cm of large Board. Mark the main points of this limit. This should then by a a line with 45 degree angle cut.

Then, pull the door into two different parts. Cut it about 150 cm elongated.

Now, you can position the two doors in the achieved Terminal. You can use either the door hinges or the upper part of the doors. Fasten it with the appropriate screws.

Use an extra Board on the back

DIY headboard drilling at the desired place

Make sure that the long tip of the side of the cut is away from the door to be processed further.

Someone should help you then attach the unit to the desired location. Alone, they could create this also if you disassemble the various parts and individually attached to their bodies.

Install the head Board

Bring the headrest in the desired position and keep the wall, this should be attached to the closely against. The various parts should ideally match. The lines of the walls and the furniture must close tightly. Now remove the unit and use a level to cut off the frame. Now you can install the different levels on the wall using the appropriate tools!

Soon it could look like you – rustic romance

DIY headboard from the barrack door

Or do you prefer the vintage atmosphere

DIY headboard romantic vintage shades of green

For the sea lovers – a stylish nautical ambience of Mason Bay Blog

DIY headboard white with fancy pillows from wool and linen