Do It Yourself! Life Of The Hobby With DaWanda, Etsy And Co.?

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DIY success stories – interesting facts and practical tips

Sales portals make it possible to reach buyers from all over the world with loving self-made design objects on the Internet. For many a dream: Goodbye tell the boss, work from home and make the hobby to the profession. But is it realistic? Here a small checklist that follows thus on the DIY dream not a rude awakening.

Am I unique?

Who hopes thanks to DaWanda & co. stay easy at home on the sofa and knit will quickly by the reality of the strike. Talent, business acumen, and a unique product that meets the high demands of the market are needed. Who offers the thousandth oven mitts with polka dots, must not be surprised, that goes not much about his virtual counter. Get rid of his goods on DaWanda, the DIY product portal with the most user traffic in Germany – and thus the most potential – it is not easy to develop a so-called Unique Selling Point, as it is called in the marketing by the strong competition. But you should have just a such “unique selling proposition”, if the hobby to become a source of income.

Here you will find original DIY ideas: also on

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Am I fast enough?

Who is making his hobby into a career, will find that this changed also the hobby. For many, DIY means to relax and indulge in a meditative hand work, to get his head free. Operated the manual work as a profession, but also other things play a role. Who three days lost in thought messing with a lamp, which is sold for a maximum of 50 euros, will quickly realize that it is important to keep the effective hourly wage in the eye. The pride of hobbyists on his work is a beautiful thing, but by an hourly wage of a few euros an hour nobody can live.

Calculate tax & insurance

If you think that he does only the career after such a realignment, whereupon he has desire, will be disappointed. Independence means also to be his own personal Manager. The IRS sees as a trade, or at least as a sideline doing on DaWanda. So, you have from a certain income to pay taxes. Also should previously incorporated into the calculation of the price of the product, otherwise there is an unpleasant surprise in the form of a payment claim in the next year. Last but not least, you must come up as self-employed even for his health insurance company – that can be quickly very expensive.

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Hello, paperwork

Control means: keep order and everything filed. So also the working time should include in the pricing, spent with the boring stuff of note. This means not only the filing of consumables and invoices, but also an overview of the orders and returns to keep. Not to mention, that you must not only establish his DIY goods, but also shoot, set in the portal, and send. This whole effort is too much, for an permanent position as a designer or designer is an alternative might, to pursue the passion of DIY and bring fresh wind into professional life.

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There are many DIY success stories

You should have thought through at least once roughly these points before doing the step in the DaWanda independence. As you can see, you need more than just a knack for DIY. As with any other business, you need patience, strong nerves, discipline, sense of order, organizational skills and a great deal of luck.

It is encouraging: not just a few made it already, as this article can be read. Many DaWanda hobbyists have worked up is diligently or hired from whim a tinkering, which turned out to be the best seller. Meanwhile the one or the other hobbyists only has a showroom in Berlin – because he was brave enough to set out a piece handcrafted initially for their own use on a whim on DaWanda. On a fortunate case one should not speculate of course. Best man tried for just some time alongside it and looks like it runs before making hasty steps.

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