Do You Have A Hobby? There Are Fairs For You Great Hobby!

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great hobby measuring fabulous off paper

Great hobby measurement for you

Everyone knows someone who crafts today, schnippelt, working out or forms something in his small work space. Or are even the person who makes jewelry or furniture from reclaimed wood or drones from computer parts. If you have a hobby, which you create something tangible with your hands, then you are a contractor.

In the hobby trade fair, you can see different techniques for making out of things, from musical instruments to large landscapes out of masking tape as shown on the picture. The artist Danny Scheible has made more than 80,000 sculptures out of masking tape for the hobby fair San Francisco Bay area in 2012.

Maker Faire the largest and worst hobby may event, with several major trade fairs and more than 100 mini versions all over the world.

The 2013 World Maker Faire takes place in New York on 21 and 22 September. Maker fair Rome takes place from October 3 to 6.

Image by Mark Madeo

great hobby measuring futuristic sports car

Car art fairs, especially the Maker Faire Bay area, where this metal snake car 2013 was issued is popular in the hobby. Many of the exhibited cars it built for the burning Festival, that event is a great hobby. This year she took place from 26 August to 2 September in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

This is the collection of Teddy Ruxpins Teddy bear from the 1980 – image by Becca Henry

great hobby measuring Ruxpin bear installation

Sean Hathaway has equipped with electronics and has an art installation called “TED (transformations, emotional deconstruction)” built. It was exhibited at the Maker Faire Bay area in 2013.

In the hand-eye supply, a hobby shop in Portland, a hobby is event from August 16 to September 15 2013. There are film screenings and workshops about hobbies, as well as a meeting with Offerman wood shop.

Image by Becca Henry

great hobby measuring the whole team

Offerman wood shop presents two workshops: once on 14 September about the issuing of lamps from a piece of wood, and then on September 15 about the execution of wooden swingset for trees.

Violin maker workshop

great hobby measuring violin master

The computer-based numerical control is popular in the hobby trade fairs.

Find the measurement in 2013:OC mini Maker Faire (Irvine, California): August 17Pittsburgh mini Maker Faire: August 18Calgary mini Maker Faire (Canada): September 14Portland mini Maker Faire (Oregon): 14-15 SeptemberNashville mini Maker Faire: September 21Toronto mini Maker Faire: 21 and 22 SeptemberWorld Maker Faire New York (New York City): 21-22 September

Tell us what hobbies you have.

Image by Mark Madeo

great hobby measurement failed Church dome with Oval openings

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