Homemade Interior Design – DIY Paradise Located In Texas

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homemade decoration DIY work shelf decoration

Homemade Interior Design – DIY paradise in the middle of Texas

Today we present you a special home! Here almost all exclusively handyman work.  The projects encompass all areas – folding beds and wall wallpapers.

The House belongs to the Blogger Camille Dickson. She is also a teacher in French and loves the handyman work. She lives here with Kyle on this from the year 1950, farm.  They have transformed these together and provided with new surfaces. They wanted to just realize this project independently and engage no for it professionals.

The House at a glance:

Who lives here: Camille and Kyle Dickson, whose two children, and the Boston Terrier Rufus

Location: Abilene, Texas

Area: 600 M², 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

The first figure shows a wall Gallery

homemade interior design home improvement work sofa table living room

It consists of seven identical frame and provides a dating back to 1739 map of the city of Paris. This was imitated by Camille modelled on a catalog. The costs have been reduced almost ten times.

The piano is a gift from Camille grandfather – this is one of the most valuable pieces owned by the family

homemade interior design home improvement work Piano musical

Next, we see a striking wall with books page. This installation can be seen immediately upon entering the apartment. The pages are from their own ancient books. They are from French textbooks and works good. He used wire stapler from the school for its fixing to the wall.

Camille has received this piano in his third grade as a gift and has taken this many years piano lessons. It is linked to many beautiful memories.

Next, you see a fabulous wall Gallery

homemade interior design home improvement working table wood rustic

She hides moments and memories of various rides. The philosophy of the family should be a House of full of memories. Exactly why nearly all exhibits in the area have its own history.

The living room is heavy textiles

homemade Interior Design DIY work Green pads

Her look is characterized by various substances is the result of a long work, but also the result of great patience.

You have here for more than 10 years and in this time, today’s appearance was achieved slowly.

The dog house, the piano is a work of Holly Mathis interiors

homemade interior design home improvement work Chair table lamp curtains

He is a very good family friend. The Designdisplay was named after the dog of Rufus.

It has to his credit a Boston Terrier gschaffen printed pillow. The lamp is one of the home work projects of Kyle. She dyed the base with a silver spray.

The French-inspired style in the dining room was bathed in bright blue shade

homemade interior design home improvement work table chairs leather

It made for a softer look in light shades. The pillow with silk-covered with printed französishen words are another interesting element.

The table comes from a local antique store

homemade decoration DIY work shelf decoration

Camille determines its color as yellow Marsha Brady. She have contributed to the rounded corners through rapid deployment of the horizontal circular saw. Then she provided the table surface with strips and then again painted.

The blue and natural color palette is an extension to the living room

homemade interior design home improvement work bedroom bed

There, the wooden bed takes the most important position. Its size has been reduced in favour of a wider phenomenon.

Now you see a glass collection in the goodwill and hobby lobby

homemade interior design home improvement work decorative glass lid

These embellished a Schrnak in the largest bedroom. The piece with the ‘Gâteaux’ inscription was acquired during a trip to New York.

The found bathroom had pink tiles and glittering surfaces

homemade interior design home improvement work bathroom wood

It has completely renovated it. You wanted to do everything differently, and you will now see the final result in the image.

Camille loved the freedom to have double sinks! This piece of furniture was a double chest of drawers, which also comes from an antique store.

First one has painted them white and then with marble remains. These are from a local stone yard.

Camille has their own DIY projects – an example is this Cork Board framed with jewels

homemade Interior Design DIY work jewelry pieces

Camille has renovated the children’s room with a budget of $900

homemade interior design home improvement work Black furniture

Your simple bathroom was converts into a double and it has inserted a new shower. She painted the cabinets, replace the tainted with glittering surface with black granite. It has equipped the floor with tile and built-in lights.

Thereby, it had acquired many new technical skills in the process of the work.

Gelenrt she is originally the techniques by observing the work with her father. In their opinion, it is not difficult, but it requires lots of patience, especially if you want to use the small tiles.

It has acquired this dating back to 1970 credenza for approx. $22

homemade interior design home improvement work kitchen Chair

It was painted in black and now it serves as a buffet in the kitchen. Camille has provided the panels for the drawers. So, the whole phenomenon was detailed and interesting.

In the kitchen can be found in two main shades brick by an underpass, and marble cabinets painted surfaces,

homemade interior design home improvement work kitchen

So, the kitchen has a rather complete and well furnished Escheinung. Camille replaced the low and the door of the top cupboards and surfaces. According to the family they have felt at home really renewal after this.

During the last renovation work is the replacement of the kitchen and the floor in the dining room with hand-polished wood. This change took place more or less at random. In the House, there was a flood during the absence of the owner. For this reason, it had to replace the floor. You have then decide for this wooden version. According to Camille’s cost a lot, but it would have definitely worth.

The pair has found the sink in the image while cleaning up another House. This has an interesting front. It befend is in the garage for a while and then it came to its renovation. Camille strongly recommends the large single kitchen sink. It can hide lots of dirty dishes.

See the installation of the kitchen now!

homemade interior design home improvement work green wall

A hanging construction offers all pots and pans for use. An open shelf for spices is behind it.

The rear side of this magnetic oven is used for attaching some magnet pieces

homemade Interior Design DIY work utensils kitchen

Camille took this patina from the beginning very fascinating and wanted to convert them into something special.

The large family room is filled with cozy seats

homemade interior design home improvement work living room

It includes an entertainment center across from the kitchen. From all points, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the backyard.

A wreath on the door, greenery in the pot and a little Boston Terrier sculpture creates a very inviting picture

homemade interior design home improvement work door

Exciting, I find Bonjour inscription on the door.

The brother of Kyle lives on the other side of the road

homemade interior design home improvement work outdoor plants

She has convinced him to this Act a decade ago, when the House was for sale. Four years later, the neighbor’s house owned by the parents went.

They call their district “composite”.

Note the whole joy of living together? This is certainly also due to the elaborate, created with your own hands interior design. What about your home?

homemade interior design home improvement work owner Finally, we see a picture of Camille and Rufus

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