Homemade Vegan Chocolate – Healthy And Tiergerecht Sweet

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Easy recipes for vegan chocolate and hot cocoa

Vegan is the undisputed new trend when it comes to healthy eating. Very often you think that healthy with candy has nothing to do. Today, we show you that you can eat with a clear conscience and act at the same time environmentally-friendly and animal-friendly. Veganism starts with vegetarianism, but is a further developed form in which one avoids any products of animal origin such as eggs and dairy products, for example. The word vegan goes to the Englishman Donald Watson, who founded the vegan society in 1944. The memorandum of the company referred to veganism as a “philosophy and way of life”, which is against all kinds of animal exploitation. So true vegans Shun not only food of animal origin, but also clothes and other items associated with animals. There was born a new animal-ethical movement that is sustainable and equitable not only for the animals, but also for the people. As a tribute to the animal rights we have decided today to offer two very light but delicious recipes. Especially the sweet tooth will know to appreciate it properly.

Love and chocolate in a

vegan chocolate yourself making heart

How to make delicious homemade vegan chocolate:


1/2 cup melted coconut butter
2/3 cup raw cocoa powder
5 tablespoons maple syrup
1/3 unsweetened coconut flakes
Almond butter
a pinch Himalaisches salt

Dark pieces

vegan dark chocolate dark

How is it done:

Mix the ingredients together until a smooth mixture is obtained. Then pour this into a flat sheet and provide everything for about 10 minutes in de freezer. After it sets, remove the plate and cover the surface with the almond butter and add the remaining chocolate on it. While it is very important that you bring your Almond butter at room temperature, to achieve an optimum cover of the mixture. Now you need to put the chocolate in the freezer just for another 30 minutes. Enjoy them immediately while it is still cool. Good appetite!

Tip: You can substitute the almond butter against any kind of nut butter. On request, you can use whole nuts, raisins, Goji berries, or other dry fruits. Are no limits to the top.

A chocolate delicacy with grated coconut

vegan chocolate homemade coconut Flake

Dark chocolate for a rich flavor

vegan chocolate dark chocolate couverture

Hearty chocolate flakes

vegan chocolate dark chocolate chips

Ethical animal, vegetal ingredients

vegan chocolate homemade ingredients

Delicious indulgence in the glass

vegan chocolate Pur enjoy

Delicious, creamy consistency

vegan chocolate creamy delicious

Take whole or ground nuts

vegan chocolate hazelnut peanuts

Carefully smooth the surface

vegan chocolate homemade sheet

Homemade chocolate SIN

vegan chocolate chocolate chips

Healthy chocolate with almond butter

vegan chocolate yourself making treat

The dark chocolate is especially good for your heart

vegan chocolate love sweet

If you are more on sweet drinks, we have of course also something delicious for you – vegan cocoa. Here is also the recipe.

Vegan cocoa make in 5 minutes:


unsweetened almond milk with or without Vanilla flavor
unsweetened cocoa powder (best bio)
dairy free dark or dark chocolate
Raw sugar or stevia
1/8 tablespoon Peppermint extract or vanilla extract
Coconut whipped cream – desire

A warm, sensual pampering

vegan chocolate hot cocoa cinnamon

How is it done:

Give the almond milk in a saucepan and cook it over low heat. Then add the cocoa powder, chocolate and the sweetener and mix everything together. Now remains only your favorite extract and you can top it off with a coconut whipped cream on top. Enjoy this wonderful, warm chocolate drink and dream something nice!

Hot cocoa with coconut whipped cream and dark chocolate flakes

vegan chocolate cocoa drink chocolate chips

Fine foam and heat

vegan chocolate cocoa itself make

Read ingredients

vegan chocolate cocoa ingredients homemade

Serve with your favorite cookies

vegan homemade chocolate heart cookies

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