Lamp Shade Itself Making – Craft Ideas From Everyday Objects

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Lampshade himself making old Shabby Chic lampshades

Lamp shade itself make – creative craft ideas for inspiration

Designer lights or DIY chandelier made of recyclable materials, decide for yourself.

Be your own light designer and DIY light diffusers in everyday objects, such as plastic bottles, spoons, corks, clothes pegs, etc. Do you think it will be difficult for you? Wrong! The following craft ideas, in different degrees of difficulty, see also determines something for your skills. Please scroll down and find your favorite among these examples! Make sure do not this of course. That can be your new pendant lamp in the garage, or why not also for the living room. We wish you lots of fun and good luck with!

17 DIY chandelier from everyday objects

lampshades himself making chandeliers books pages money clip

It annoys is always if you do accidentally broken cups or utensils. Have but thought you could make art of it. So a lamp shade like this below in the photo is unique and will not be sold at the store. So, no longer fret and pick the pieces carefully, because such a craft idea will give your dining room originality.

Lampshade made of shards of crockery – perfect for the dining room

lampshades themselves make chandelier broken crockery Bastelideen

In fact, this pendant is made of paper/cardboard. Dozens of square cut-out sheets of paper are arranged in gently and form the structure of the lamp shade.

Lampshade made of cardboard

Lampshade himself making cardboard triangular shape

Spherical shape of cupcakes paper

Lampshade himself making cupcakes paper sphere

Wine lovers often collect corks. Here is a craft idea for them.

Lamp shade in a rustic style from Cork

Lampshade himself making corks chandelier Bastelideen


lampshades themselves make Clothespin craft ideas chandelier

An old Chinese screen serves as a lamp shade

lampshades themselves make Chinese screen creative craft ideas

Colorful cocktail umbrellas

lampshades himself making coloured Coctailschirme sphere creative craft ideas

Old instance as lamp shades in use

Lampshade himself making ball of old Globes

Lamp shade themselves do – hang the coffee spoon in district

lampshades himself making chandeliers old spoon craft ideas

Colorful plastic spoon

lampshades himself making chandeliers colored plastic spoon craft ideas

You have too many empty beer bottles in the cellar room or on the balcony, then make her advantage. Make this craft idea to and invite your friends to a beer!

Beer bottle lamp shade

lampshades himself making chandeliers empty beer bottles

Pearl necklaces and old jewelry

lampshades themselves make chandelier beaded necklaces jewelry

Garlands of plastic bottles floors tinker and as a lamp shade

Lampshade himself making plastic bottles bottom cut

Called Eprouvetten or still test tubes

Lampshade himself making test-tube flowers chandelier

You can fill the tubes as shown here with spring flowers (above) or coloured water (below), or leave just blank and arrange in the district.

The test tubes as decorative items

Lampshade themselves make test-tube colored water chandelier

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