Light And Festive Spring Decoration With Pink Tulips

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Interesting spring decoration with pink tulips

Spring is knocking at your door, this is why we have prepared a simple decoration with tulips for you, that adds a fresh touch to any dining table. It is also very easy to make, so you can experiment this idea even if you have enough time and desire to do so. You need 9 small bottles, Silk Ribbon, a thin rope in same colour, Silicone adhesive, transparent tape, and 9 Pink tulips. Take two bottles and you glue them to each other as shown in the photo, attach all 9 glued bottles with transparent tape. Wrap around the Silk Ribbon. Insert each a flower in each bottle and add some tulips and green. You can make some green branches hither and thither to make our fresh decoration look more dramatic.

Make original spring decoration with pink tulips myself

spring decoration with pink tulips materials

Fasten the bottles to each other

spring decoration with pink tulips attach bottles Silk Ribbon

The beautiful, fresh results at the festive table spring decoration with tulips themselves make

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spring decorating with colorful tulips white vase

Colorful tulips brighten and freshen up your interior

spring decoration with tulips idea House festive

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yellow tulips bottles original unique Frisch Deko dark red elegant tulips for a dramatic Interior in the dining area or in the living roomtulips dark red glass idea decoration House table

Different shades of pink colours – spring decoration with tulips

tulips different nuances of Pink Pink dark Hell Deko

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