Original DIY Chess Pieces Off Screws, Nuts And Bolts

Editor   February 26, 2015   Comments Off on Original DIY Chess Pieces Off Screws, Nuts And Bolts

chess pieces screws nuts bolts

Create your extraordinary chess pieces

At one of our research on the Internet, we have encountered this DIY project for chess pieces. The idea comes from Brazil. A group of architecture students from São Paulo wanted to create something new from used metal parts. Thus, this sustainable chess game project was born. You have collected screws, nuts and bolts, and thus constructed cool chess pieces. The chess board is made of sheet and the figures themselves are coloured with colour spray – in silver and brass. Bauer, runner, jumper, towers, Kings and Queens look perfect. The whole ensemble has a specific, mechanical look and at the same time stylish and sturdy. To play, it may be a unique pleasure. It’s a creative example how complicated compositions or items can be made with simple materials. In this case, the parts are simply screwed or glued together. If you look closer at the chess pieces, you can see more detail. With a little hand skill and the necessary dose you will be patient determined able, to create such a DIY chess game. Maybe the old, conventional chess pieces are became too boring for you, or you just feel like something new. Be adventurous and try it once! You can also improvise and arrange the parts shown differently than here. There is not a requirement. Make your chess pieces according to your taste.

Below you can find also other inventive examples of extraordinary chess games. It has been working with different materials – wood, aluminium, brass, cardboard, and precious stones. Look at everything alone. What are your Favorites?

Have you found already screws, nuts and bolts?

chess pieces chess chessboard

Bauer, Tower and Springer in silver

chessmen Tower silver nuts

Runner, jumper, Tower and farmer in brass

chessmen gold farmer runners Springer Tower

A great chess game pleasure

chess pieces chess games DIY project

Sustainable thinking in the form of

chess pieces chess board Silver Gold

Sleek design made of carbon fiber and aluminum

chess figures aluminum carbon

Designer Austin Cox for Alcoa

chess figures aluminium metal Alcoa Austin Cox

Japanese filigree carved wooden chess figures

chessmen handmade wooden noble Japanese

Three-dimensioned figures of cardboard in black and white

chess figures box black white minimalist

Hand-made deities out of clay

chess pieces glazed ceramic deities

Magnificent creations from Malachite

chess figures Malachite Green grain

Minimalist chrome and titanium tubes figures

chessmen metal tube pieces chrome black

Robust cylinder chess pieces from bolt

chess figures metal cylinder bolts

Magnificent medieval figures made of brass by Italfama

chessmen medieval brass Italfama

Shaky pawns made of noble wood and aluminium

chess pieces chess board wooden jiggling

Stable mechanical look

chess pieces chess board ceramic screws nuts

Back to nature – simple and rustic

chess figures chess natural wood

Screws and nuts with white paint sprayed

chess figures screws bolts white

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