Original DIY Vase – Perfect For A Lovely Flower Bouquet

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original DIY vase small, pear-shaped turquoise close-up

Original DIY vases

If you have ever had the pleasure to have a fresh bouquet of flowers, then you know how special it is. Next time, if you want to achieve something to keep these flowers beauty, they show vases in the way of one of these DIY.

Sensational stripes

Bring vase for rent a little sparkle to your life with this DIY.

original DIY vase striped with pink roses

Use painters tape for the section of the Strip, then paint it in your color of choice. Top with a second layer of metallic or glittery paint for a luxurious finish. While gold and silver are classic colors that go well with any decor, you could use slightly lighter shades to the show to make a larger statement.

This DIY by Julie of Coordinately yours is perfect for lovers of nautical design.

original DIY vases with coarse rope wrapped

Transform a simple glass vase by wrapping cable around them and secure with hot glue. This vase would be a wonderful centerpiece or a summer part of your facility.

Band is definitely important in the transformation of a vase with color.

original DIY vases fine glass bottle with stripes in pink

But the sticky clips can be used as design elements. This vase of beautiful woman uses decorative band around a vase that is delicate and challenging to create. A nice addition for a baby shower or Sunday brunch are pastel and electric shades are at home during a summer celebration.

Cheap glass vases are a big screen to create a new work of art.

original DIY vases from glass with Chevron pattern

This tutorial by Tiffany of offbeat and inspired shows how a few simple tweaks in a breathtaking design can be created. Isolate your design with Scotch tape and paint the exposed glass in the colour of your choice. Slowly pull the band of your vase to show them. Fill them with flowers and enjoy your DIY project!

Immersed in color

Add a trendy touch to your home with this project by Amy of mod podge rocks.

original DIY vases in sea nuances and tulips

Ombre penetrates everywhere with its fresh colour and ability to fit any DIYs. The layers of tissue paper creates a deep coloured effect that is breathtaking next to a light source. A blue color palette mimics the look of water, but it would be green look great also. It will expand the green your flower stems and help to make an amazing display.

Painting is now even easier with this DIY from Heather of Whipperberry.

original DIY vase small, pear-shaped turquoise

Just dip, dry and enjoy, it’s so easy! Because the design is simple, there is the possibility for you to a unique vase present. So, if you have a vase with an interesting shape, pull them out and give her a new line. You will have a new piece in a very short time.

Unexpected design

Once, light bulbs are now destined for the trash in the heart in the DIY scene.

original DIY vases off large bulbs very failed

Follow the example of Manda and Mike of Merry thought they burnt light bulbs turn into elegant masterpieces. These vases look great hanging on a wire, so mix and match to create a mini Gallery.

PVC pipe is extremely versatile in the DIY world.

original DIY vases photos for the private note

Wine racks to shoe shelves, this essential receives vases by David featured on mod podge rocks pilfered with this photo. This project could be an opportunity to take a journey into the past.

This DIY Stephanie Fab You Bliss brings recycling design to a whole new level.

original DIY vases with pebbles mosaic

A chip can be a rustic rock crossings with small stones and mortar. Due to the more natural look of this project, one waives the Polish from a bouquet of roses and opt for a variety of wild flowers or a mixed arrangement – so to maintain the charm.

No matter whether you enjoy flowers for special occasions or in your life make it a daily pleasure, you get compliment to the beauty of your bouquet with a custom, DIY vase. So start today! Do you have a project in mind? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Antique look in Seladongrün

original DIY vases celadon aging finish

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