Pendant Lamp – The New Trend Of Light Bulbs

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pendant lamps bulbs dining table

Pendant lamps – the latest trend in the world of lighting

Pendant lights are a strong trend in the interior design. This is true not only for the world of lighting, but also for the fashion house decoration. Within this, there are a special type, which is especially popular. It’s the pendant lights no dome and many LEDs suspended in bundles.

Belong to this kind of people who like to wear home news? Then you should be well informed also about this particular type. Depending on the selected materials are unusual in that the results are more unusual. They range from increased up to industrial scale.

Pendant lamps as inspiration

pendant lamps bulbs colorful cable

Pendant luminaires provide a source of inspiration for the General design of the House. We want to draw your attention today in a special way. It’s about the pendant lamps with a single base, but also with many hanging down wires with single light bulbs.

Pendant luminaires with cables

pendant lamps bulbs colorful Series

Here we see a design in which hang bulbs on cable.  You can add variety by the length and color of the cable. In the presented examples here it has been mainly. What is interesting is that this style was until a few years ago only in special stores for contemporary design. Today, we have a very popular DIY project to do. So everyone can find whose personal style when creating the pendant lamps.

Pendant lamps in industrial design

pendant lamps bulbs iron

Long gone are the days, where the chic and sophisticated design consisted only of noble materials. More and more is the idea, and she can make also the product look more expensive and sophisticated.

Here we see how the different types of light bulbs as a central piece in the room are used

pendant lamps bulbs bar

Were you able to a few years ago such pendulum lamps installation somehow imagine? This kind of design in bars and restaurants is particularly popular. Still, they are often hung in a row over work surfaces in open-plan kitchens.

Rural pendant lamps

The pendulum lamps also often occur in rural houses. We have models with a cable and a light bulb. On these models, there is so to speak the typical for the rural atmosphere of simplicity.

Pendant lamps in a rural setting

pendant lamps bulbs dining room

Here we have two pendant lights, which hang in the rural ambience. In the first case it has added the lamp in a bathroom. A deer wall decor was wonderful so combined.

Play with the cables!

pendant lamps light bulbs ceiling

Pendant luminaires have a great potential in terms of great creative nature. They give a wonderful ways to play with the own imagination. It has previously made much to hide the cabling in certain places. Now, you can make an advantage out of this but. The pendant lamps, which we today presented you, make this a great source of inspiration! We hope that it is suitable for your needs!

Actually you could make something from these ideas for Christmas, or?

pendant lamps bulbs

Minimalist and modern

pendant lamps bulbs work

Elegant solution for your bathroom

pendant lamps bulbs bathroom

Chevron patterned cable and wood version

pendant lamps bulbs Chevron pattern cable

Design classics and light bulbs

pendant lamps bulbs design classics

Pendant lamps with lampshades made of wire

pendant lamps bulbs wire

Einweckgläser are perfectly suited as lamp shades

pendant lamps light bulbs Einweckgläser

Individually, the light bulbs pendant lamps are just as simple and unique

pendant lamps bulbs single

Light bulbs pendant luminaires with water effect

pendant lamps bulbs bundled

A variety of light bulbs

pendant lamps bulbs high ceiling

A magical exhibition

pendant lamps bulbs wood box

A great installation in the industrial style

pendant lamps bulbs industrial

Individually edgy look

pendant lamps bulbs industry

Just as in bundle

pendant lamps bulbs industrial style

Pure extravagance

pendant lamps bulbs small restaurant

Simple and elegant at the same time

pendant lamps bulbs chest of drawers wood

A unique chandelier

pendant lamps bulbs chandelier

Kitchen in the country house style

pendant lamps bulbs kitchen

Industry and elegance hand in hand

pendant lamps bulbs elongated

No harm in some luxury

pendant lamps bulbs luxurious

Exclusive execution

pendant lamps bulbs luxury

Ultramodern with colorful cables

pendant lamps bulbs modern

Light bulbs in frosted glass version

pendant lamps bulbs Neonfarbene cable

Retro style with light bulbs pendant luminaires

pendant lamps bulbs purist

A simple trio

pendant lamps bulbs red cable

The industrial style pendant lamp

pendant lamps bulbs red wire

Rustic and refined

pendant lamps bulbs rustic

A bunch of bulbs lamps ideal for your bedroom

pendant lamps bulbs bedroom

Classic black and white

pendant lights bulbs transparent black

Ever more the original

pendant lamps bulbs black cable

Or you can choose for an oversized light bulb

pendant lamps bulbs oversized

Mix different designs for an attractive effect

pendant lamps light bulbs different forms

Spice up the pendant luminaires with colorful cables

pendant lamps bulbs diversity

Industrial style times differently

pendant lamps bulbs two bundle

Pendant lights over the kitchen island

pendant lamps kitchen light bulbs brick wall

Funky and elegant

pendant lamps restaurant single

In restaurants and light bulbs are highly recommended

pendant lamps restaurant red chairs

Another example of this

pendant lamps restaurant brick turn

DIY project in bright colors

pendant lamps, rustic colored cable

Especially at an institution full of antiques, the bulbs fit perfectly

pendant lamp living room light bulbs

Timeless, simple and meaningful at the same time

pendant lamps light bulbs tied

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