Pocahontas Costume – Carnival Costumes For Ladies

Pocahontas costume drawing Earth

Make your own costume!

Apart from that, whether you want to prepare for Carnival or simply enjoy yourself, Pocahontas proves a great heroine. Here we give some suggestions for how you can build a Pocahontas costume . Our craft idea is reasonably priced and can be quickly fulfilled.

Pocahontas costume

Pocahontas costume drawing fabric

Cut into strips

Pocahontas costume drawing fabric fabric

Find an earth-toned fabric. Choose those made of wool or other plant material such as hemp or linen. The fabric should be large enough to fit your body and height. Maybe you want a brighter or darker Brown for an accent color. You need it for your waist line and edge top and bottom. I won’t deal with the color of the fabric. But make sure the dress will not irritate your skin.

Pocahontas costume

Pocahontas costume drawing beautiful girls

Tinker the Pocahontas costume (check out the photos for the form). Essential patterns can be find in the network or in any craft store. Best of all, you can choose such jewelry which best suits your body shape. Don’t forget the stripes! To make the edge, cut a large piece of fabric into strips and fix it up.

Find patterns on the Web

Pocahontas costume drawing fabric patterns resized

Add a belt made of wool. A thin rope would fit well. You can use anything that has a robust and, of course.

Makeup tips and accessories

Apply self-Tanner on your cheeks and create a tanned look. Don’t overdo it but – Pocahontas is however not orange. If your skin is pale winter, you stand on a suntanned look with Rouge and self-tanning products.


Pocahontas ladies costume drawing fabric painting

Yet you need a necklace of wooden beads. If you want to tinker with these yourself, the better! The chain of Pocahontas is blue with white trailer. The collar is a beautiful way to add a little color to your costume. Note the bracelets, but don’t exaggerate here also. Choose one or two accessories. Less is more here.

Dark wig and hair band

Pocahontas costume drawing fabric headband

Find a long dark wig on the DIY market. If you are on a feasible look, you make one or two long braids. In principle, the dark hair are traditionally used for Pocahontas.

The end result

Pocahontas costume drawing Brown dress resized

In the forest

Pocahontas costume drawing fabric nature

Another alternative

Pocahontas costume drawing Carnival ladies

Axe to the costume

Pocahontas costume drawing Carnival

Another Pocahontas costume

Pocahontas costume drawing model

Authentically made

Pocahontas costume drawing robust look

Happy lady Pocahontas costume drawing fabric fashion