Send Clothes Stand As Modern Coat Rack

send clothes rack hanger rope bound

Chic dress stands as a modern coat rack

Most people have experienced sometime lack of storage space, so we all know what that means. The stress of stacked gowns and attempts to stay tidy everything can be controlled with a spacious closet. How can keeping the clothes but be easier? An additional coat stand might be the exact solution for you. Here, some DIY clothes rack are ideas that you can incorporate into your home.

Avoid loss of estimated living space with a hanging clothes rack at Apartment Therapy. If you have an awkward, empty corner in the room that you otherwise may not decorate, attach a clothes rack.

The room is functional and you have the desired space for your clothes

send clothes rack hanger male shirt

send clothes rack hanger rope bound

The old wood is used in the next project of Love Aesthetics minimalist. A stable branch, puts the finishing touches to the very white room spray painted in white.

Use white stand to keep the look uniform and hang clothes in similar shades

send clothes rack hanger showing branch

chic clothes rack hanger branch white painted

The enthusiastic DIY master know the mystical power of a good-filled construction market. This coat stand by Rachel at A beautiful mess is inspired by a steel tube.

If the industrial look does not fit to your decor, you paint the stand with spray for a softer look

send clothes rack hanger carpet black points wall mirror

send clothes rack hanger saying wall decoration carpet

Claire at Camille Styles made a chic dress stand also made tubes. With the shoe rack for additional storage possibility, it has become very useful. Here, Golden and minzgrüne strips were used to stimulate the design

You can do the stand but monochromatic, or cover it with fabric

send clothes rack hanger showing idea outside

send clothes rack hanger original idea DIY

This lightweight dress stand by Michele at Hello lovely Inc. fits to the room of a little girl. The beautiful DIY project has female pastel shades and shabby chic tube.

You can get the worn out look with grinding the tube before the composition

send clothes rack hanger metal shoes

Bring nature into your home with this DIY nursery project of chic and cheap nursery. The rustic look in addition to details such as the striped wallpaper and Blumendrücke are good certainly you and your child.

Because the baby clothes are much smaller, attach the stand lower on the wall

chic clothes rack hanger tree branch wall striped

This water pipe of Love Aesthetics is absolutely great with their simple design. The framework is supported by the wall, and thus the project can be performed only within an hour on weekends, use contrasting colors such as gold and silver.

Do something unexpected with this mini dress stand by Love Aesthetics

chic clothes rack hanger white wall mounted

The dresses are directed forward and you can easily select the garment. The copper hook bring elegance – they form a contrast to the white wall.

One of these DIY ideas well you liked? Let us know in a comment below which one is your favorite

send clothes rack hanger white clothes