Send Wreath Decoration To The Do-it-yourself – 25 Beautiful Creations For Your Inspiration

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send wreath decoration berries in red and yellow

Send decorations to DIY wreath

Traditionally celebrate many peoples with wreaths. In antiquity, the ring was a symbol of power and immortality. He symbolizes in many cultures unity and perfection. Here in Europe we decorate like with wreaths. We hang them on the door, or above the fireplace. They are often a popular table or wall decoration. Today, we have gathered a few stylish rings for you. They are colorful and elegant, but at the same time easy and quick to make. Find out for yourself!

Above you can see a beautiful autumn wreath with China lanterns and scrolls. He exudes so much Joie de vivre and with its vibrant warm colors is a real eye-catcher.

Or like it more discreet?

send wreath decoration pistachio white pillar candle

You can stick bright mini pumpkins on a straw wreath, and fill the space with pistachio nuts or other nuts of peeling. This simple wreath suits almost every table decoration with an elegant pillar candle in the middle.

Why decorate not your chairs with flower wreaths?

send wreath decoration in white and green chrysanthemums

In this way, you will be very pleasantly surprise your guests. They are not so often adorned with a wreath. In this case, a charming Chair decoration in green and white chrysanthemums was made.

Do you totally natural products?

send wreath decoration above the fireplace

How about a natural wreath of periwinkle, medicinal herbs and berries over your fireplace. It looks very elegant and at the same time very simple. You can insert a few fragrant plants and thus spoil your nose also.

Do you have old textiles and paper in abundance?

send wreath decoration of coloured paper

If Yes, then choose such textile or paper pieces, which are in warm autumn colors and create such a fabulous wreath like this on the upper screen. You can cut the textiles into thin strips and wrap them with a wire to a purchased straw ring.

Decoration wreath with photos

send wreath decoration with photos and branches

For a special, personal touch, you can attach some photos on the wreath. So you will enjoy your favorite photos over a longer period and show them to your friends and guests.

Steel end perfection from nature

send wreath decorated with cones, medicinal herbs and flowers

For a long walk in the Woods at this time of year, you can collect almost anything for so a gorgeous fall wreath yourself. Then get a wire wreath from the trade and a few chrysanthemum and here we go. The wreath above warms the senses and delight the heart. Colored leaves, herbs, flowers and pine cones are arranged in a perfect fusion of red, Orange and yellow love and taste with a lot.

Do you like mini pumpkins?

send wreath decoration green leaves and mini pumpkins

Nature is the best artist

send wreath decoration Cattail oak leaves and berries

Festive elegance with red carnations and beads

send wreath decoration red carnations, white pearls

Heavenly romance cotton

send wreath decoration cotton balls purple tape

Evergreen on orange

send wreath decoration Evergreen plants

For the genuine antique lovers

send wreath decoration oak leaves and antique urn

Creative decoration with corn on the cob and tree bark

send wreath decoration small Meiskolben

Blueberries can work miracles

send wreath decoration red leaves and currants

Willow and Moss with fresh Ranunculus

send wreath decoration with MOSS and pink flowers

Holiday memories

send wreath decoration with starfish

Hydrangea dream in purple and pink

send wreath decoration with violet and purple hydrangeas

Spring in grass green, purple and yellow

send wreath decoration Asian Artemisia

Remarkable artwork made of wool

send wreath decoration of fabric circles

Glamorous of shiny beads

send wreath decoration shiny beads

Gold gloss and real cones

send wreath decoration of small plugs

Do you prefer the rectangular shape?

send wreath decoration of green and Brown leaves and tree trailers

Delicious grapes and periwinkle

send decoration with grapes and Evergreen wreath

History elegance with branches and decorative birds

send wreath decoration from natural branches

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