Sustainable Consumption And A Clever Recycling Of Plastic Bags

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sustainable consumption green cushions crochet plastic bags

Sustainable consumption – think globally, act locally!

Have you read even our post about plastic art ? In this, we have explained already the immense proliferation of plastic waste and given you some great ideas for recycle and reuse of plastic straws. Sustainable consumption is the topic with us again today. Never think that you are too weak and unimportant and can’t do anything important for our environment. You have a very important role here and that these consumers. You can move much with your acting. Start now by you make from old plastic bags useful items and original decoration. Here we have some great ideas for you. Look at, what you can crochet or crafts made of plastic.

Make stylish pendant lamp itself

sustainable consumption round hanging lamp

How do you find this chic seat cushion, which you see above? Wouldn’t it be nice, some of them on the balcony? Storage baskets and bowls in plastic bags are also very original, sustainable living articles that are useful, but also for the nature-friendly not only for your home. Maybe you need also an elegant pendant lamp or a lamp? No problem, you can create them using various craft techniques. The delicate plastic Gerbera have fallen us particularly well. How about a sustainable bouquet of them?

Do you actually know that many of the objects that surround us from recycled plastic bags manufactured? That’s the case with shoes, plastic chairs, tubes, pens, and many others. Last year, for example, about 854 million plastic bags were recycled and the largest recycling facility in the United States Hilex has more than 30 000 units, where you can dispose of the used bags for further processing.

Crochet colorful storage baskets from plastic bags

sustainable consumption storage basket crochet plastic bags

In addition you can do also something important to climate change. Keep your hands away from the disposable plastic bags! According to the Federal Environmental Agency, 65 plastic bags per capita are consumed in Germany each year. This corresponds to a use of 10 000 bags per minute nationwide. Thus Germany with Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom among the leaders together and when it comes to plastic bag consumption.

So, is it high time to change this statistic, or? Just get on a reusable shopping bag and be sustainable even when shopping. Reusable shopping bags made of cotton, jute or canvas are extremely recommended. They are robust and can be used in a long time, which they are ecologically more advantageous. Be indifferent – make now your choice for a cleaner environment and a better future!

This is how it’s done

sustainable consumption plastic crochet shell basket

Plastic bags are perfect for smaller Office container

sustainable consumption plastic bags crochet basket

Rustic Bowl – sent crochet

sustainable consumption baskets crochet

Spiral crochet technique

sustainable consumption crochet basket plastic bags

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

sustainable consumption shell crochet plastic

Round pendant in black and white

sustainable consumption pendant plastic bags

Elegant lamp creation from bags

sustainable consumption pendant Plastiktütten

Sit comfortably with a clear conscience

sustainable consumption plastic bags crochet cushion

Original wall decoration in fresh colours

sustainable consumption plastic bags wall decoration

Artificial flower wreath from plastic

sustainable consumption craft plastic bags

Exotic Flower Pink

sustainable consumption of artificial flowers plastic bags

Minimalist table lamp in black and white

sustainable consumption plastic bags modern table lamp

The table lamp in detail

sustainable consumption table lamp plastic black white

Stylish in every moment

sustainable consumption table lamp plastic bags

This table lamp adapts to almost any interior décor

sustainable consumption minimalist table lamp plastic bags

Crochet colorful coasters from old plastic bags

sustainable consumption coasters plastic bags

Delicate Gerbera in bright colors

sustainable consumption Gerbera stained plastic bags

You look almost like real, or?

sustainable consumption violet Gerbera plastic bags

Festival of colours made of plastic

sustainable consumption plastic bags flower crochet

Azure and Seladongrün

sustainable consumption plastic flowers

Simple as painted!

sustainable consumption of delicate blue flowers plastic bags

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