Architectural Styles From The Year 2016 – Imposing Building And Much More!

Do you want to build a modern home? See the tendencies in architecture in the year 2016

The modern House is above all an individually designed home. The House planners should are wonderfully versed in current trends and adapt it to your own needs of the owner. While you could draw inspiration everywhere. The current trends were never been so comprehensive as it is today: we discover related principles and ideas in the public and private sectors.

We now present a list of prominent buildings from the public space from the year 2016. We hope that you are beautiful creations for you.

Architectural styles – extension of the National Museum in Zurich

architeksturstile robust elements

The extension of the National Museum in Zurich Christ & Gantenbein was realized by the company. The new rugged construction makes a strong contrast to the construction of the original building. Precisely this contrast occurs more often in private homes. This single outstanding elements are wonderful.

Tate Modern London

architecture styles london museum extension

A Swiss architect from the firm Herzog & de Meuron has a 64.5 m high extension of the London Gallery Tate Modern built. The Tower-like attachment accommodates additional gallery space.

Here we have an example of reference to historical architecture – something is a trend now in private homes.

Architectural styles – port House in Antwerp

adverpen architectural styles

Zaha Hadid architects behind the huge glass building at the port of Antwerp. It was built for the administration. The faceted facade – an example of the pursuit of interesting effects in the external design of buildings is striking.

Geological Museum in Qinglong

architecture styles Geological museum

Facets define also the building of the geological Museum in Qinglong mountain Geopark in China. The form is aimed at the scenic lines and framed a specific area in which the dinosaur eggs are exhibited along the way. The length of the building is 70 meters. In the Interior, the texture of the building is complemented by bamboo tubes.

Here, we experience a combination of modern materials and organic shapes and textures – something that can certainly be included in an enclosed House in nature as idea.

Architectural styles – the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg

modern construction of architectural styles

Herzog & de Meuron have completed their ten-year project this year.  Ten times, the expenditure exceeded the original budget. The facade is vertically divided into two main areas. Corresponds to the urban architecture of the lower and the upper has a very modern design. This concerns also the materials – bricks and top – glass below. Which distribution would be because more appropriate if you want to build a modern House, which at the same time well is to enroll in a historic residential district.

CKK Jordanki

architecture styles new trends

Fernando Menis is behind the architecture of the concert hall in Tenerife. The combination resulted in a very interesting effect of broken bricks and concrete. Inside, you have the feeling that you are in a huge modern cave. The materials also provide a superb acoustics. The use of ancient designs in modern house design is another trend, which will be long.

Implement architectural styles – the ideas of the great architect at your home!

modern architectural styles

Architectural styles – robust elements for more mobility in your home

architecture styles modern trendy

You can create a unique atmosphere in your home!

architecture styles museum Switzerland

Architectural styles – an amazing ambiance

architecture styles trends

In the following you will find some ideas of the modern architecture of your home

architecture styles hamburg

modern architectural styles hamburg

hamburg Philharmonic architecture styles

architecture styles from Serge homely

architecture styles modern build

architecture styles new ideas