Tipi Tent Wood – 31 Impressive Photos

tipi tent on the morning side dark effect tents mood full

Tipi tent wooden Japanese architect Niroshi Nakamura is full of surprises

What looks like a little camping, in the middle of the forest, and yet it is not? The answer is: a unique wooden house, designed and built by the Japanese architect Niroshi Nakamura and his Studio NAPs.

Tipi tent as Wohnhaus-everything can be possible

tipi tent in the morning forest side dark pyramid

All walls are combined in the very top

tipi tent in the morning forest side dark effect tents mood curtain

Spring freshness and camping atmosphere

tipi tent Spring Green input

An optimal reduction in Japanese-style

tipi tent in the morning forest of blue sky

The triangle is the leading element in the style of the House

tipi tent in the morning forest triangular window

Each room in the wood formation is equipped with a “top hat”. A small campsite, on an area of 156 m² in the wooded countryside of Tochigi Prefecture is located in Nasu Tepee. The architecture is beautiful as well as somewhat odd. “Nasu” is the name of the settlement and synonymous with Indian Tepee or tipi tent “Tepee”.

The pyramids rising are equipped with modern energy systems.

Tipi tent morning forest inside above top

The architect Niroshi Nakamura was commissioned by a couple that is very nature and likes to garden at the weekend. The House will work of course, and at the same time extremely. The couple expressed against tree felling, but has the desire to live surrounded by trees.  The clients want also mediated feel that they live in the wilderness – a challenge, when you consider how popular is the area for tourists.

The triangular concept Hiroshi Nakamuratipi tent every morning dining room view triangle principle

One is in the next room through triangular openings

tipi tent in the morning forest frontal view triangle principle

Despite the triangular nature of the House, the architecture looks very organic

tipi tent in the morning forest frontal playful view

The modest establishment is well thought out down to the last detail

tipi tent wood sticks

The ceilings should be high, so that the residents can get direct sunshine. The surface should be optimally exploited. Everything is not urgently needed, should be omitted. The team of architects tried in design of the wooden house, to meet all the criteria of the customers, where they get tent shape on the current tipi. On the other hand, the shape of the tipi is known from native American folklore and the Mongolia. The people sit along the low walls and are to each other. This interactive communication is a huge advantage in our time.

The House consists entirely of wood

tipi tent in the morning forest frontal view stairs Ascend

Despite the small area of the corridors are spacious

tipi tent in the morning forest frontal view Spitz

The gloss to the sleeping room is displayed graphically

tipi tent morning forest from the inside view of the bedroom

And here to sleep alone and dream

tipi tent in the morning forest frontal view bedroom

The top triangular Windows look directly above the trees

tipi tent every morning in frontal view environment

The Japanese turn anything in art

tipi in the morning forest lounge

Triangle, triangles and more triangles

tipi tent morning forest looked from the inside to the top

A narrow passage leads into the Interior of the House

tipi tent in the morning forest wrong

A side view in winter

tipi tent in the morning forest side dark effect

Tents and campfires who don’t like that?

tipi tent morning forest side dark tents atmosphere cozy

Peace in the middle of the forest

tipi tent twilight forest

The tipi is designed to unite the top walls. There are triangular Windows that look directly over the trees at the top.

The House also has an environmentally conscious and efficient energy system. At the top of each ceiling, the warm air is stored and partially back ventilated in the summer. The wrong principle is applied in the winter.  This fireplace is located in the largest room of wood formation, whose heat in the underfloor heating will be conducted.

Small pyramid or teepee House? Call it as you like!

tipi tent in the morning forest

The wooden construction is only ca. 150 m ² area at

tipi tent in the morning forest frontal view

tipi tent morning forest by top rear

tipi tent in the morning forest side before garden

tipi tent morning forest Sun

tipi tent building plan

tipi tent Bauplan2

tipi tent Bauplan3

Built in 2013Is HouseMaterial wood1883 m² construction spaceComplete area 186 m²Tochigi areahttp://www.nakam.info