Modern Wallpapers: Tips For The Best Effect

Wallpapers were very popular after their invention, but later they are out of fashion. At the moment they are very trendy again and there are many good reasons for that. Modern wallpapers could be wonderful in many different styles. It would be relatively easy to transform the atmosphere in a room. So is this type of wall design a good strategy if you want to experiment with different concepts. In addition, the wallpapers are pretty handy and cheap.

Living room design wall hangings idea

Fleece or paper wallpapers?

The paper wallpapers – more diverse than you think

There are different types of wallpaper for the wall, but these are mainly divided into non-woven and paper wallpapers. The designations make it clear that they each have different backgrounds. From paper to paper wallpapers, however, there is a big difference.

Of course, the cheap ones can easily be torn or otherwise damaged, and the more expensive ones are usually more durable. There are still many differences in texture. Some wallpapers have an aluminum top layer and this immediately creates a particularly modern gloss effect. Such wallpapers are also much more resistant and resistant to water. Sometimes roughened fibers are used in the manufacture of the materials. Such wallpapers are very popular because of their rougher texture. Finally, there are recycled paper wallpapers – a popular choice among the environmentally conscious apartment owners ,

Neutral design ideas for wallpapers

The advantages of non-woven wallpapers

Non-woven wallpapers are preferred especially for practical reasons. The pulp base makes it much easier to work on different wall surfaces. For example, The bumps are thus compensated quickly and easily. If you want to replace the wallpaper someday, it also works much easier than with the paper wallpapers. What could speak against non-woven wallpaper, are mainly stylistic concerns. One would prefer to opt for paper wall murals, if you prefer their texture rather or because you prefer to use recycled materials in the interior.

Vintage style wall murals

The right wall wallpaper for your interior design style

Would you like to try out what a brick wall would look like in your interior design? Do you want to constantly enjoy the effect of natural stone look at home? The wallpapers can mimic all these and many other looks. Country house, concrete look, retro and vintage – these are just a few of the many popular wall-paper decorating styles. The diverse colors provide additional creative possibilities.
The typical use of wallpapers is in the design of an effective accent wall. Furthermore, you can highlight certain architectural elements. You can make something special out of a wall niche! Both versions are very useful if you want to visually better separate different areas in an open living space.

Wall murals in rough industrial style

Pay attention to the quality!

No matter what kind of wallcovering you choose – for those made of fleece or paper or for a much more modern alternative natural materials , you should carefully read the instructions on the packaging. There you will get important information about the quality and the different properties of the material. Some wallpapers are called water resistant. This only means that they can be freed of fresh spots with a damp cloth or sponge. The attribute”highly washable”again stands for these surfaces, which you can wipe off with a very gentle cleaning agent. If your family often has stains on the wall, we would recommend abrasion resistant materials.

Wall murals small accent wall

The wide range of visual effects and the many practical advantages make wallpapers a very successful choice for interior decoration. However, you always have to think about your specific needs and design ideas when deciding. Think good of all aspects and you can finally achieve custom-made and up-to-date room effects!

Wall murals rural brick look