Ornate Wall Decor Ideas With Wallpapers By Ellie Cashman Design

Do you need new wall decor ideas to feel even cozier and more secure in your own home? Well, then you are right here, because today it is ours the gorgeous wallpaper by Ellie Cashman , The Dutch designer creates beautiful floral motifs with much love and enviable ingenuity. And then, thanks to the latest technologies, they turn them into gorgeous, floral wallpapers that turn each wall into an endless floral frenzy. As Ellie herself states, her flower creations are a unique illusion of space and depth. Because the magical flowers not only look like real, but they bloom through their 3D look into the premises and let the walls appear alive and boundless.

Wall decor ideas with floral wallpaper by Ellie Cashman

peonies wallpaper motifs wall decoration ideas

Similar to the old masters in the golden age of the Netherlands, the designer also celebrates the beauty and eternal circle of life. A vitalizing dose of optimism and serenity pours out of her peonies, tulips and chrysanthemums and intuitively creates a cozy ambience in the room. The whole is a harmonious play of light, colors and contrasts, which looks unmistakable and ensures an optimal feel-good effect.

From the darkness to the light

beautiful peonies as wallpapers wall deco ideas

Shabby Chic and Boho Style Fans, watch out!

In the wall decoration ideas from the wallpaper collection”Dark Floral”by Ellie Cashman is a real wallpaper art of the extra class… simply magical! The joie de vivre and playful romance of her wallpaper creations perfectly matches the bohemian and shabby chic style. Depending on your taste, the floral motifs can be combined with fluffy fur covers or knitted poufs, woven tablecloths and old wooden furniture. The wallpaper motifs also generally fit into any style, from antique to classic and Art Nouveau to Industrial and Ultra Modern. If you wish, you can also order the elaborate flowers printed on fabric to make pillows, decorate curtains or even wear them as a scarf.

“Dark Floral”wallpaper collection by Ellie Cashman

wall decoration ideas ellie cashman peonies

Classic meets modernity

beautiful wall deco ideas dark floral wallpaper by ellie cashman

The wallpaper is experiencing a comeback

The art of wallpaper has a long history and tradition. From absolute luxury in the 15th century, the wallpaper has become a product that can be used by almost anyone as a beautiful and relatively cheap wall decoration. Wall Decor Ideas with wallpapers are now among the most popular and most popular ever. It is safe to say that after a short break the wallpaper is on the rise again. Talented, creative designers like Ellie Cashman support the process and turn this type of wall design into a wonderful experience full of art, power and beauty.

With these flowery wall decoration ideas, you can decorate any room without exception and achieve the desired effect. So the bedroom gets more sensuality, the baby room more harmony and dreamy peace and the living room becomes dramatic and alive. Even before the wall design in the bathroom make the gorgeous wallpaper no stop, but a good figure.

Combined with a vintage wall mirror, the wallpaper is a delicate and at the same time spectacular background

round wall mirror in bathroom wall decoration ideas peonies

Artful and versatile, the floral wallpapers by Ellie Cashman are the perfect alternative to conventional wall decoration ideas. Take a look at the other pictures in our post and, if you like, visit the website of the designer. As well as on her blog”The wonder in us”you will learn more about the creation process of her flower creations, the technique used and her inexhaustible inspiration. You may also discover your dream wallpaper right there, who knows.

Have fun and serenity while looking forward to the Freshideen-Redaktion!

A cozy reading corner that seduces to dream

wall decoration ideas with peonies couch in the living room

“Dark Floral”by Ellie Cashman – perfect for baby’s room too

baby room wallpaper peonies wall decoration ideas

In the bedroom, the wallpaper provides for more sensual romance and a better sleep

wallpaper wall decoration ideas ellie cashman

Also straight-lined furniture in white with gold gloss are a stylish addition to the”Dark Floral”

peonies wall decoration ideas by ellie cashman

Whether in the living room or in the workroom…

ellie cashman wall decor ideas living room study

… the wallpapers look incomparably romantic and dramatic at the same time

Living room wallpaper with peonies wall decor ideas by ellie cashman
dark floral wall decor ideas by ellie cashman wallpaper

Deep and lively vibration in one

colorful peonies motifs on wallpaper wall decoration ideas
wall decoration ideas peonies wallpaper ellie cashman
Beautiful floral motive wallpaper wallpaper ideas of Ellie Cashman

Floral splendor in a high quality, artistic way

beautiful peonies as a wallpaper dark floral wall decoration ideas
wall decoration ideas with roses by ellie cashman

Create your personal oasis of well-being in your own home with these wall decoration ideas!

dark floral wallpaper with peonies living room furniture