105 Nail Design Ideas Inspirational Photos – For Your Nails

Nail design pictures – latest fashion trends in nail design

Well manicured hands are like a beautiful accessory for the modern woman. As in all other areas, there are also current trends. Currently, it says that you have to be cautious and quiet when the nail polish application. However, should you feel any boredom here. As all can be put under a hat, we explain in the next few lines.

Nail design pictures – draw inspiration for your manicure

Nail Polish ideas white stripes nageldesign

Nail design pictures – different and at the same time effective

Nail Polish ideas blue nuances ring

Manicure in gentle pink shade

nageldesign photos oval nails bright pink

The important thing is that you certainly do

We start with the shape and the overall concept. 2016 places a very high emphasis on the natural phenomenon. The short, oval shapes of nails are perfect. This is of course not the only possible variant, but the trends point out above all.

The short nails by stark colors bring out

nageldesign photos colors creative ideas

French manicure with heart – cute idea for a stylish manicure

nageldesign photos French manicure cute idea heart

Stylish fashion the short nails

Nail Polish ideas oval nails colored nail trends

Pattern is a fresh idea for your nails with points

nageldesign photos grey black dots nail trends

Chic and discreet

Nail Polish ideas elegant dark shades geometric

You do not have on the long nails if you like them. Do not combine this however with a to Flash design. If you have long nails, choose a more discrete design image.

Choose pastel colors nail design

Nail Polish ideas krfeative ideas moonmahia lifestyle

Points are always trendy

Nail Polish ideas red white dots nail trends

The combination of pink and white gives wide leeway for experimentation

Nail Polish ideas of almond shape nails heart pink

Golden shades are stylish

nageldesign photos Nail Polish ideas failed

For the ladies who like to wear the long nails, we would recommend the almond shape this year. This always ensures a minimalist, understated appearance. She can be very easily with different types of clothes and accessories combine.

Oval nails – soft and feminine

Nail Polish ideas simply elegant almond shape

Classic nail design in red

Nail Polish ideas nail trends moonmahia almond shape red nail

Red and white – an elegant combination

Nail Polish ideas red nails of almond shape nail trends

Play with the colors

Nail Polish ideas white black moonmahia almond shape

As regards the colours, nuances, which are similar to the skin, is very up-to-date. Still, you can decide to light blue, soft pink, peach, milk and beige. We can select also a different color, but prefer the pastel variants and more discreet phenomena before anyone else.

Bright colours are fashionable

nageldesign photos nail trends lifestyle

Neutral colors are great for everyday wear

nageldesign photos bright colors skin color

Soft Blue shades for the long nails

Nail Polish ideas bright shades nail trends-2016

Look like nails, white colored, beautiful?

white nail lacquer nail trends-short nails ideas

By flower patterns, provide a fresh manicure

Nail Polish ideas neutral colors patterns

Moon technology and French manicure

If you want to select an applied technology for nail design, you can choose between the Moon-technique and the French manicure. The two are very popular for some years and we think that need no special introduction. Both are quite similar in principle. But when a variant is the top and the other taken the approach of the nails as an accent. You can switch between the two so that you constantly refresh your appearance. The two techniques of nail design give you the ability to perform many different experiments with colours.

nageldesign photos Moon technology red nail trends

Nail Polish ideas Moon technology colored purple light green

nail polish ideas Moon technology beige white nail trends

nageldesign photos white black gold accents

Nail Polish ideas French manicure elegantly simple

Nail Polish ideas French manicure ausgaefallene ideas

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are no novelty in the nail design. They were current in comparison but this year a lot to this previously. Current but not equal more complicated means. On the contrary: the geometric trends in nail design in this year are restrained and easier than before. In other words, you can experiment yourself this year so. Thanks to simple geometric shapes, you achieve a natural, but fresh and original look of your nails.

nageldesign photos light green white silver lilies

nageldesign photos geometric pattern summery

nageldesign photos colored Nail Polish geometric pattern

nageldesign photos geometric figures different colours

nageldesign photos geometric accents purple elegant

Ombre and matte nail design

Another sustainable trend from recent years is the Obmre effect. It enriches him with various forms. The mesh flowing colors can now make a heart or but another form of paint, which better fits to hairstyle.

nageldesign photos ombre French manicure

nail polish ideas short nails fresh nail trends

nageldesign photos ombre nails oval

Thematic nail design to various festivals

Another current trend represents it on several occasions, to decorate the hands with thematic nail design. It is also a wonderful opportunity to stand out even more. Against the background of the neutral and minimalist trends, this will be not so difficult. You can decide even for the same design that you wear everyday, but enrich it with a bit more colour or shape.

nageldesign photos French manicure gentle nail trends lifestyle

nageldesign photos short nails nail trends pattern

nageldesign photos Nail Polish ideas flowers

nageldesign photos fresh creative nail trends

nageldesign photos geometric figures orange trends

nageldesign photos Halloween Nail Polish ideas

nageldesign photos geometric nelle nuances

nageldesign photos ombre geometric colored

nageldesign photos themed Nail Polish ideas

nageldesign photos dark shades trends lifestyle

nageldesign photos nail trends-elegant pattern

nageldesign photos colored fresh trends

nageldesign photos color fresh summery short nails

nageldesign photos geometric figures colored

nageldesign photos short nails purple Nail Polish

nageldesign photos colored Nail Polish ideas

nageldesign photos short nails trends

nageldesign photos unusual nail trends ideas

nageldesign photos color ideas pink green

nageldesign photos short nails green Nail Polish elegant

nageldesign photos French neutral colors manicure nail trends

Nail Polish manicure ideas French floral elements

nageldesign photos French manicure black

nageldesign photos black white dots nail trends

light purple lifestyle manicure nageldesign photos French

Nail Polish manicure colored creative ideas French

Nail Polish manicure ideas French pink black

Nail Polish ideas floral pattern fresh spring nail trends

Nail Polish ideas green golden combine

Nail Polish ideas light pink Moon technique nail trends

Nail Polish ideas creative ideas moonmahia

Nail Polish ideas Moon technology light green silver

Nail Polish ideas of moon technology ideas fresh colors creative

Nail Polish ideas Moon technology ideas colored

Nail Polish ideas moonmahia Moon technology neutral

Nail Polish ideas failed ideas black flowers

Nail Polish blue golden stylish ideas

nail polish ideas purple silver nail trends

Nail Polish ideas moonmahia trends black

Nail Polish ideas red creative ideas moonmahia trends

Nail Polish ideas lifestyle white nail trends short nails

Nail Polish ideas black white stripes

Nail Polish ideas short nails black trends

Nail Polish ideas long nails Green Black

Nail Polish ideas of almond shape nails fallen off ideas

Nail Polish ideas of almond shape nageldesign trends

Nail Polish ideas of almond shape black nails accents

nageldesign photos of almond shape pattern

Nail Polish manicure ideas short golden black combine

Nail Polish ideas colored pattern nail trends

Nail Polish ideas long nails of bright pink nail trends

Nail Polish ideas long nails model moonmahia

Nail Polish ideas pattern nail trends

Nail Polish ideas oval nails elegant ideas nail trends

Nail Polish ideas stylish pattern dark shades

Nail Polish ideas colored long nails manicure fresh summery

Nail Polish ideas fresh elegant stripes

nail polish ideas light pink ombre style stylish

Nail Polish ideas Leopard print of nageldesign trends

Nail Polish ideas of pink green rose pattern nail trends

Nail Polish ideas pink nails short summer

nail polish ideas red manicure zebra pattern

Nail Polish ideas red nails zebra pattern

Nail Polish ideas black manicure blatant stripes

Nail Polish ideas stripes coloured manicure

Nail Polish ideas short nails neutral colours accessories

Nail Polish ideas colored nails blue lifestyle

Nail Polish ideas French manicure short nails

Nail Polish manicure ideas elegant stripes

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