Beautiful Finger Nails From Home

Any woman who attaches importance to their appearance, is himself aware that clean hands have a not inconsiderable proportion of the overall appearance. Our hands are not only easy to grasp and hold of things there, but serve also underline our verbal communication. In other words: We gesture to give more emphasis to our concerns.

If then is the first impression we get filed, but dry and rough hands to welcome is not only uncomfortable, but ruined just this first impression. It is only if the nails are even torn or just plain scruffy worse. Delicate hands, well-formed and painted and manicured nails tell much about the person, whose hand we keep!
Where there is a will, is also a way!
Monthly nail salon visits but still not necessarily are a must! Beautiful nails can be made also at home yourself. To do this, it takes some time and the will to try and of course the right products! So please don’t be disappointed if the first trials still not so perfect… The next stop will be better – practice makes perfect-

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Store in an album

That most important thing is for delicate hands and remains of course the hand hygiene and care: pays attention to the washing and detergent that you use. Mainly on the fact that they are attacking not your skin and regularly used a moisturizing hand cream.
Protect your hands with gloves when cleaning. If you followed this first and simple tips, your hands stay nice tender. Beautiful nails can be filed in different shapes: oval, almond shape or for example square. There are no limits your taste and your imagination (in this year are announced short, oval fingernails).

Belongs to a beautiful nail, the nail skin. After a hand bath or even easier, after the daily shower, it pushes back the cuticles with a special wooden stick and if there is not other way, cut off the excess cuticle. We recommend you to use a cuticle remover. Then apply a nail oil pflegendes extra drops. This will not hurt, but really do your nails on the contrary.

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Perfect nail design from home

A trendy Nail Polish color and a great design can look the hands still irresistible.  Selects the color just to the latest trends and your personal preferences.

Used first a base coat to get the best results and a long-lasting Nail Polish, then applied the nail polish color in two layers (for a whopping and uniform color) and at the end follows the transparent top coat. This sealed the nail varnish and keeps him fresh for longer, and also a chic – extra shine is awarded.

Very important: If you want to do gel nails at home, then you need to degrease be sure your nails. This is either with regular nail polish remover or acetone-containing special means.

Gives you beautiful hands and nails with our tips. Spent a little time in yourself and are “the Lady with the beautiful hands”.

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