Finger Nails Design – Pictures Of Dream Nails For 2015

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finger nails design pictures original

Modern trends in the finger nails design for 2015/2016

In a few areas of fashion, you can afford to look so far into the future. But the trends of finger nails designs, this is quite possible and even desirable.

Because here the trends are pretty clear. Want to learn more about this and already planning the look of your finger nails design for the next few months from now. That sounds as exciting task?

The care

finger nails design pictures effective

This has been always fashionable. Also the most modern design will contribute to any good image if you are previously not have care of this aspect. But the hygiene and the neat appearance are always trendy and modern in itself. Probably it’s because that one has it always easier through modern methods of body care. You have virtually no excuse more, to give up.

In addition, your nails from the form should look here super nice and modern. What say the designer to the current look? Best you should use on rounded shape. So, you should keep it as possible of course.

Modern shades at the nail design

finger nails design pictures yellow

Now we come to the most exciting aspect of the issue. As in all other aspects of the design, looking close to nature here. To do that through the natural, earthy shades, again taken as a basis. Pastel colors dominate in the modern nail design. Because so it manages to integrate also cool colors in this measured, natural area.

Back some striking trends and strict rules are

finger nails design pictures heart

We have used up in recent years by the presence of some strong trends. But these seem to have been missed again.  Such as the combination of nail polish with lipstick in peach and Cherry is super popular.

The natural colors are classic and stay up-to-date – but not all!

finger nails design pictures skin color

You should understand the statement that nature forms and nuances, the classical remain up-to-date, not flat. Some stay up-to-date – others. Contrasts in the background and they could act pretty news by those. However, you should set to shades, which are very close to each other and seem to flow into each other like the colors of our body.

Symbiosis of two types of French manicure

finger nails design pictures red

There is a classic and a more modern, more extravagant kind of French manicure – the Moon! The great combination of the two is currently particularly relevant. It has been also interesting color combinations – red and white, white and black and so on.

Contrast stripes

finger nails design pictures strips pink

At the end of today’s article, we want to go up on a really new and rising tendency. It is one of the few trends for 2015/2016, which could be regarded as genuine product launches. It’s a series of contrasting stripes. Together, they are entered in the form of a fan. These are the colors in which these are carried out definitely not of less importance. According to the latest nail design trends you should put as follows on shades and combinations: grey and purple, red and black, white and black, white and metallic.

Purple and black geometric lines

finger nails design pictures geometric figures

Light and dark shades of blue finger nails design pictures blue tones

Cappoccino color

finger nails design pictures cappuccino

design nails pictures color combination finger rings combines Golden with purple

Chic and monochromaticdesign nails pictures grey red lips

fingernails flower flowers design pictures bold purple welcome the coming of spring

All formal but remarkable

design images artfully finger nails white accent

Striking and meaningful

design pictures purple fingernails

Summer nail with Palm trees fingernails summer black white design images Palms

Geometric lines and bright colorsdesign nails pictures silver

Silver touch

finger nails design pictures silver black

Summer ombre solution

finger nails design pictures summer orange red

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