French Manicure – History And News In 30 Pictures

French manicure – history and news of the French manicure

Everything that we have said in the previous article about the nail design in red, indicating that the new trends in nail design represent an easy conversion and continuation of past trends. A typical example is the French manicure, which is particularly innovative and in a very elegant way shaped and styled in this year. She not more so striking looks, as was the case in its classical form. The color combinations are on hand to ensure that the French manicure has a particularly quiet. The nuances not contrast, but they are in harmony with each other and even not rarely flow into each other.

French manicure in different colours creates the interest

nageldesign ideas colored ideas nageldesign French manicure

French manicure is elegant and classic

nageldesign ideas short nails French manicure

The resumption of old trends is typical for this season, with the French manicure, as well as in all other areas. The retro style has pretty much to offer. That’s why we opted for an overview of the trends of the last decades, which includes not only current, but some old trends.

Combine black and silver

french manicure pink Black Silver nageldesigns

The 70’s

The nail design with white borders dates back to the 18th century.  We go back but not so far in our overview. The current variant of the French manicure was founded in the 70s of the last century. In what country this happened, itself probably from the name itself. For the base we chose natural charming pink.

Light pink and white – the traditional Variant

nageldesign ideas flat white edges

The 90’s

The specific French manicure, which includes a completed flat design, is one of the hallmarks of the 90’s. Jennifer Lopez wore to such nails.

Stylish nail design in the style of French manicure

nageldesign ideas edges white silver accents French manicure

Quite simple

french manicure white traditionally nageldesign ideas


The trend of French manicure was also very strong around 2000. At that time the natural were very popular in the 70s, variants.

Complement the French manicure by floral elements

nageldesign ideas french manicure white edges floral elements

2013 – spring

The French manicure was of course, but also some kindhaft and innocent in this season. She was shorter and round completed.

French manicure looks great even on short nails

nageldesign ideas French short nails

Autumn 2015

The classic version was not really current in this season. They chose rather irregular lines in the design of the base and the shooting down of the nail tips.

French manicure with black

swchwarze manicure nageldesign ideas French borders elegantly

Tracy Reese, Rebecca Minkoff, Tadashi Shoji and others are stars which were interesting variations of the French manicure.


Now we have arrived at the hottest trends of the nail design. The creative interpretations go further beyond. The interesting lines is supplemented by varied colours. Other current shades come in addition to the white color to the top.

Summer idea for your nail design

nageldesign ideas pink edges summery gently

French manicure in retro style

nageldesign ideas French manicure retro look

Here is a very current idea for this season: natural-looking base in combination with a golden conclusion.

Applying the current French manicure

Before the start, you must really thoroughly clean the nails from the old paint, or maintain, so they are smooth. Best you should remove the skin in the neck. Just as the French manicure can be applied perfectly then: If the nails are not perfectly maintained, you should better refrain. The shape of the nail you have some freedom. The nails can be completed flat or v-shaped. In both cases, it looks chic and elegant.

Almond-shaped French manicure

nageldesign ideas French manicure tips-# drinks ideas French manicure tips-shaped

Now, you need to select a color for the base, and one for the tip. Red is suitable for the tip. It is important how these will be combined with the base. As I said, the strong contrasts withdraw 2016. The flowing and gentle transitions are modern. To enhance this effect, not so much consider the nails the boundary between the tip and the lower part.

Fresh idea for the nail design

french manicure red colored lifestyle

nageldesign ideas French manicure style pink shades

nageldesign ideas fresh colored

french manicure pink green combine

french manicure fun summery nageldesigns

french manicure pink golden

french manicure classic oval nageldesign

french manicure red silver nageldesign

french manicure gentle shades of purple

french manicure black fancy lifestyle

french manicure red black combination

french manicure white beige floral elements

nageldesign ideas elegant nails French manicure

nageldesign ideas manicure elegant French white edges

nageldesign ideas French manicure gentle shades

nageldesign ideas bright colors white edges

nageldesign ideas Red Snow Maiden edges thematically

nageldesign ideas edges black french manicure lifestyle