How Your Manicure Yourself Making Can – Useful Tips

manicure yourself make manicure nails yourself make

Make manicure yourself? Tips, pros – and cons

The probably most challenging task of modern, fully employed women is that she not lose their femininity. How can we look but always stylish and beautiful in all tasks which await us? Manicure quick solutions are born out of this need. They were more popular in the last few years.

So you can do your nails at home yourself

yourself doing DIY nail design manicures two-tone

You stick with it, if:

So to make your manicure yourself
They wish that she looks really challenging

Nail design ideas do it yourself

themselves make nail design manicure ideas

Maintain your hands and nails really well

manicure yourself make nail design ideas nails yourself making tips

Good manicure at home – step by step

If you simple manicure at home yourself can do, then you would need the following steps very well know and if possible keep. If you know them well and easily perform then good results won’t be long wait on themselves.

1 step – water tub

manicure yourself make fingernails file nail care

You’d need in any case a nail holder

manicure nail care themselves make necessary instruments

Choose the matching cosmetics

You should have the right cosmetic products themselves to make successful the manicure. Some brands are specialized in such. They sell quick drying Nail Polish and cosmetics, which simplify the procedure.

Use high-quality cosmetics

manicure yourself make Nail Polish color green

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by some cosmetics shops to test various products.

Nail care products

themselves make manicure necessary products

Save too much. To achieve a good and long-lasting manicure, Nail Polish and tools of the best quality. You make the poorer, often need to improve your manicure. In addition, such beauty quickly loses its properties and must be replaced with new.

2 step – treat cuticles

themselves make manicure nail care

3 finger nails properly maintain step-

manicure yourself make fingernails files

4 step – apply basic

manicure yourself make fingernails painting


The best nail designer would fail if the nails are not well prepared. You must first remove the old Nail Polish. With special Scrubs and tools, you can also remove the cuticles and smooth the surface of the nails.

After these procedures, you should wash your hands with hot water and dry well with a dry and soft cloth.

So first, you to a warm water bath for your fingers

themselves make manicure nail care at home

Apply ample hand cream. Only after all these actions, your hands for manicure are done.

Applying the paint

With a special White pen, you can draw the contours of your fingernails. So go harder out of the frame and the achieved results will be accurate. This is most important when the home-made manicure. The nail polish should be applied either perfectly or not at all.

Perfect nail varnish

nail care manicure yourself make fingernails file and paint

The ideal processing of finger nails won’t work without a nail grinder. The best you should buy a special device for it. That is worth especially if you want to make your manicure often at home.

Do French nails yourself

manicure yourself making nails paint base

The painting

The nail polish should be of the highest quality. Also, he would need to seem modern. If you do the manicure itself, you could bring difficult new figures and patterns. But nothing prevents you from trying out the latest nuances and shades on your finger nails. Never settle with an old-fashioned nuance.

Trendy Nail Polish colors in use

themselves make manicure nail care and nail design

Put the finishing touches to your manicure

The last step of successful nail design is the gel coating. These apply only to the main layer is completely dry. This season, the gel is particularly up-to-date variants with a Matt effect paint. They give you the opportunity to do something special from your nail design.

Create Chevron pattern

yourself doing DIY nail design manicures Chevron pattern

For example, you could provide a monochrome painting in variety with mat and glittering Strip. All you need are a conventional and a matte gel varnish with these then in change, edit the surface of your nails.

You can even create a great effect

manicure yourself make fingernails blue painting

It is worth to make the manicure yourself?

Many women are wondering whether it is worthwhile to make the manicure itself. That’s a legitimate question. If you calculate the whole investment, which connected with it, is doubtful.

yourself doing DIY manicure nails

Also, there are so many other alternatives such as the express manicure, which is available in many shopping centres. However, it is worth having the ability. There are always situations in which one has no other choice. There you must organize something quickly.

themselves make file and paint manicure nails

manicure yourself making nail care base

manicure yourself make fingernails red paint

finger nails manicure yourself make Kirschenrote

manicure yourself making nails care

DIY nail design manicures himself making shellac lampyourself making shellac manicure at home