Lips Make-up – 20 Unusual Designs For Your Spectacular Party Outfit

Lips make-up is different

After the latest makeup this summer you should reach for the burgundfarbenen or Cardinal red lipstick trends. For those of you who still bolder and bolder to make-up the lips, the glamour option in gold provides. If you want to follow but just no fashion trends, but need a cool lips design for the ultimate summer party, you should look at these 20 incomparable examples. It’s true works of art that run with great attention to detail and turn the lips into an indisputable looker. Jazmina Daniel is the talented artist who created these unique lip designs. They have become imaginative and colourful already favorites of many Instagram fans. Sea worlds, golden leaves, fairytale creatures or far eastern tour: it is almost everything possible.There are the matching nail design of course, themed and color designed. Are the nails with glitter and rhinestones and pearls adorned as transformed into true works of art.

All 20 lip and nail designs have earned our admiration in any case and each one is interesting and beautiful in its way. According to their own taste and personal preference, you can opt for his favorite model. We did not succeed, to select only one of them and have discovered three absolute favorites. These are clearly the Golden autumn leaf, the Little Mermaid, and of course the city that never sleeps – New York.

Lips make-up – unique party ideas

lips make-up gold golden leaf autumn leaf make up ideas nageldesign

Sparkling Mermaid

lips makeup halloween party design Little Mermaid

Cool New York motif

lips makeup halloween party design new york inspiration moonmahia

And what are your Favorites? Not so easy or?

If you feel even more stylish, imaginative lips design, you can see also in the Instagram profile of Jazmina Daniel. On her YouTube Chanel, it gives even hands-on instruction as you can get some of the lips designs yourself.

Fun and a good luck!

Cool Galaxy lipps – the Guide

lips make up party make-up ideas glitter Nail Polish drinks

Neon colors and pearls

lips makeup halloween party design nageldesign rhinestones beads holographically

For an ultimate Gothic look

lips makeup halloween party design punk rivet nageldesign

Edward Sxissorhands

lips makeup halloween party edward sxissorhands

Harry Poter lips

lips makeup halloween ideas harry poter

A great Halloween idea

halloween party ideas make up nageldesign

Sharks and adrenaline

lips makeup halloween party ideas nageldesign shark

Maleficent lips and nail design

lips makeup halloween partyideen nageldesign maleficent

Finding Nemo

lips make-up lipstick make up ideas party fish nemo theme

Dramatic with Titanic

lipstick makeup make up titanic

If you are on far East motifs

lips make-up make up ideas party gaischa Japanese fabric

lips make-up make up party makeover Japanese drinks

Glittering colours of the Rainbow

lips make-up make up ideas party glitter regenbogenfarben nageldesign

Pink and caviar

lipstick pink make up nageldesign caviar

Lovely Sea World

lips make-up sea anchor mark design nageldesign ideas

Colorful flower rush

lips make-up drinks nail art flower pattern dress-up

The wizard of Oz

lips party make-up ideas make up wizard of oz drinks