Nageldesign Summer – 77 Fresh Fingernails Ideas For Every Taste

This year again, it is colorful and glamorous in terms of Nageldesign summer. It has to be exactly the same, because the warm season is to bring us a lot of sun, smile, unforgettable moments and great parties. One feels again light and unaware. Everything is kind of different… different… much more relaxed and playful at the same time. Thick clothes, boots and hats have long since disappeared into the wardrobe and we think again how to get our summer clothes ready. New clothes, sunglasses and jewelery attract us from shop windows and market stalls. The look has to be quite clear and give us even more well-being.

This includes, of course, beautiful manicures and pedicures, which look neat and trendy. Nageldesign Studios can be found almost everywhere, no question. A wide range of nail art designs and patterns are at your disposal, and experienced manicurists transform your nails into real art.

Colorful manicure nails summer nageldesign ideas

You would like to try out a lot of new Nageldesigns, but you do not know what is in the trend or what color you and your outfit will be best? Here we have collected 77 beautiful examples for you, which will definitely help you. You can then simply show your favorites at Nageldesign Studio and let them do it.

You can even master some of them yourself, or maybe a girlfriend can help you.

And although in this case the individual taste counts, it would also be very useful to know which of the trends in the nageldesign are at present. Interested? Then stay with us and learn more.

Red summer nageldesign ideas fingernails nailart

Naturlook is totally in!

In general, shorter, mandrel-shaped nails are very popular this summer. Very long and pointed nageldesigns are considered rather old-fashioned and should only be preferred in rare cases. French nails remain popular and chic, but are currently not really trendy. You can also make beautiful, natural looking manicures by yourself with the help of a sandpaper nail file.

Tip: Get used to using regularly nourishing nail oil for your fingernails. Thus, these extra hardness and appearance are maintained and the perfect basis for the desired nageldesign.

Summer nageldesign 2017 coral white confetti fingernails

Nude and white are not to be underestimated

You should have these two nail polish colors in your collection. Nude also remains very fashionable this season and white is the summer color anyway. Both colors fit almost every summer outfit and can be perfectly combined with all other colors. Very fine look on filigree strips or dots in silver, gold or any other color. Try it out!

Tip: Never apply the nail varnish directly onto the nail surface, but always use a protective varnish. This way you avoid the formation of yellow spots on your nails and these will be hardly soft and brittle with time. In addition, the undercoat smoothens the surface of the nail and so every nail varnish looks much nicer.

White manicure nail polish summer nageldesign make itself

Glitter, rhinestones and metallic luster

This year it can also glitter and sparkle on our nails. Nageldesigns with a lot of glitter in all possible colors as well as rhinestones and metal luster are again very popular and celebrate their absolute comeback. This is definitely the ladies among you who like it a bit extravagant and glamorous like. But even on special occasions such as parties, weddings and birthdays, women can treat themselves to an extra portion of luxury and extravagance. Not true?

Silvery nail polish manicure summer nageldesign metal fingernails
Elegant manicures gold aubergine stripes nageldesign 2017

Classic red – timeless and versatile

And yes, red nails! For ever and ever – just the hit… just like the red lipstick, because classical music never goes out of fashion. In addition to the trendy blue and green nuances, this summer too, a lot of red is worn in all its facets. This passionate color fits perfectly with almost all other colors as well as styles and will inevitably become an eyecatcher. Dare to wear this timeless feminine symbol as often as you can – on your nails, lips…

Warm colors summer nageldesign ideas

Look at all the Nageldesigns from our collection and find your favorites this summer! The editorial team wishes you lots of fun!

Blue fingernails ideas nageldesign summer
Anchor boat motif summer nageldesign
Blue fingernails luxury rhinestones manicure
Flowers summer nageldesign ideas nailart
3d exotic fruits summer nageldesign nails
Colorful colors finger summer ideas nageldesign manicure gelnagel
Chevron pattern nageldesign summer ideas
Ice motif summer nageldesign ideas manicure fingernails
Elegant fingernails ideas summer nageldesign nail polish nails
Fingernails summer ideas nageldesign pastel colors gelnägel
Fingernails summer nageldesign ideas korall glitter
Beige fingernails ideas summer nageldesign nailart
French nails ideas summer nageldesign glitter manicure gellack
Fruits nageldesign for summer nails ideas
Gelnägel ideas summer nageldesign fingernails glitter anker motive
Striped nails summer pastel colors white nails ideas
Glitter pink fingernails nail polish gel nails make manicure ideas summer
Sparkling fingernails nailart summer ideas nageldesign
Glittery manicure nageldesign summer purple nail polish
Gold animal print nageldesign summer 2017
Cobalt blue fingernails anchors nageldesign summer
Funny summer ideas nageldesign manicure fingernails self make
Ladybug fingernails manicure self make summer nageldesign ideas
Nageldesign ideas summer pink pink fingernail rings gold silver
Nageldesign with summer motifs palms blue-green gel nails
Nageldesign flowers dark blue nails
Nageldesign summer ideas 2017 manicure nailart
Nageldesign summeride nails manicure nailart flower motif rhinestones
Nailart ideas summer nails blue manicure gel nails
Nailart summer ideas nageldesign 2017 lace fingernails manicure
Neon fingernails summer nageldesign
Neon nageldesign summer ideas fingernails manicure
Palms motive for summer nageldesign make yourself
Palms motive summer nails ideas fingernails
Pastel colors fingernails ideas summer nageldesign
Pastel colors summer nageldesign rhinestones nail polish manicures
Pink pink fingernails roses pattern summer nageldesign
Pink summer fingernails ideas nail polish nageldesign summer
Pink summer ideas nageldesign manicure self make nail polish
Pink pink fingernails ideas nageldesign summer 2017
Turtle motif summer nageldesign ideas fingernails
Beautiful gel nails for the summer white glitter
Butterflies roses motif summer ideas manicure fingernails
Summer boho fingernails ideas nageldesign white glitter dream catcher
Summer gelnägel ideas nageldesign manicure pastel colors
summer-ideas-nageldesign-2017-fingernails-gel nails-nail polish manicure
Summer motifs nageldesign anchor stripe fingernails ideas
Summer nageldesign 2017 fingernails swimming motives
Summer nageldesign fingernails idea stripes hearts stars
Summer nageldesign ideas fingernails pink blue pastel flowers ladybugs
Summer nageldesign ideas strip anchors
Summer nail polish nails pastel colors nageldesign ideas
Summer nailart nageldesign ideas azurblau purple pink nail polish
Lace fingernails ideas summer nageldesign
Top nails nageldesign summer ideas

Water mollusc fingernails motif summer nageldesign ideas

Water molle fingernails ideas summer nageldesign 2017
White fingernails nageldesign summer 2017

Wave summer fingernails nail polish ideas nageldesign

Blue nails gelnagel glitter summer nageldesign
Blue summer nageldesign to self-making
Citrus palms flamingo motive summer nageldesign
Gel nails manicure rhinestones gold summer nageldesign ideas
Gelnägel nageldesign summer fruits motive ideas
Bunge sommern nautical ideas nageldesign 2017
Monochrome fingernails ideas nageldesign summer 2017
Manicure ideas summer nageldesign gelnägel
Beautiful fingernails nageldesign summer ideas pink roses black pattern
Summer fingernails ideas manicure strawberries motives
Summer nageldesign white colorful color nails self make