Nail Designs Of Red – 73 Inspirational Ideas For Your Modern Nail Design

Modern and passionate nail designs in red 2016

No matter what trends prevail, it will be always so that the Red nail design currently works. It looks at least from today’s perspective. So far, there’s not only one season, in which red nails in some other form or were not modern.

Nail designs in red – classic combination of red nails and lips

Nail Polish ideas red nails red lips lifestyle

Nail designs in red – shades above apply

nageldesigns red on dark pink trends

Make elegant red nail polish with black stripes

nageldesigns red black lines trends

Decorate French manicure in red with silver stripes

Nail Polish ideas red French manicure silver strip

One after the other to arrange strips in red nuances

nageldesigns red stripes notes trends lifestyle

2016 we have a wide variety of forms under the nails in this color. That may have something to do with what zodiac sign of the Chinese horoscope prevails. The year 2016 is, as many of you already know, the year of the winery red monkey.

Red Nail Polish wear and elegant look

nageldesigns red nails trends 2016

Paint your nails red and colored

nageldesigns red nails colored nails trends

Plenty decorate the nails

Nail Polish ideas white red Silver accents

Spice up the Red nail polish with geometric figures

nageldesigns red nuances geometric lifestyle Schminken tips

The three main trends at a glance

Despite the great diversity we are trying to represent the trends in Nail Polish design to something more systematic. The diverse variants are actually different manifestations of three main trends. Here they are:

Cherry Red

If you want to seem really as modern as possible, you opt for cherry red. This color is very much alive, fresh, and at the same time, it is perceived as very quiet. Take cherry red also for everyday, except the color is contrary to a certain dress code.

Paint your nails in the matching red shade

nageldesigns red cherry red elegant rings


Purple is much more aggressive and more striking. We would take this color as an accent, because only in rare contexts and perfect execution she looks real good on the nails. It is trendy.

The nails look stylish in purple

nageldesigns purple Nail Polish design lifestyle


Furthermore we want to represent wine red. This color is 2016 also really up-to-date. Bordeaux has lifted, but also can be used in everyday life.

You can choose among several shades of red for his nail design

nageldesigns bordeaux almond shape light gray blanket

Creative idea for the nail design in red

Nail Polish Strip elegant ideas red nuances

Dark red nails and moon technology

nageldesigns bordeaux Moon technology trends 2016

Different practical variants for nail design in red

Basically it looks fashionable at the moment, to apply effective and simple solutions in design and style. The nail designs in red, we would like to introduce the following, correspond to precisely these characteristics. Here are some great tips and opportunities.

The classic

The classic acts this season especially currently.  Well maintained and of course, in the form of almond-shaped red nails completely correspond to current fashion trends.

Red nails are classic

nageldesigns red nails almond shape lifestyle

If you want to break up the frame a little, then you can decide for one of the many applications offered in nail design salons and Internet. Floral motifs and natural forms, as well as some playful-looking geometric figures are super hot right now.

Flower patterns are trendy and fresh

Nail Polish ideas red nails rose accent moonmahia

Refresh the red nails with white

nageldesigns short nails red white elements

The manicure for the evening

The character of the fiery red monkey is actually very courageous and difficult to look ahead. Therefore you should yourself actually in between, to be something more. You can do this quietly at evening events or when going out. As an example, use your everyday manicure, but run it in grelleren colors.

Manicure with heart pattern

nageldesigns white red heart long nails

Hearts are a popular subject in the modern nail design

nageldesigns red heart trends

Experiment with the Red Nail Polish

Nail Polish ideas red Silver accents trends 2016

Combine gentle red nuances

nageldesigns red long nails stylish trends

Simple nail design with heart

Nail Polish ideas heart red nageldesign ideas

Richly decorated nail design

Abundant decorations and ornaments on the nails in red are another way to leave a lasting impression. The topic can be also very varied. But just again, playful geometric shapes, flowers and vegetable elements prevail this year in nail design.

French manicure in red

nageldesigns red white elegant vanity tips Nail Polish

Fresh nail design ideas for summer

nageldesigns red nails long fresh trends

Elegant decorating makes beautiful Nail Polish

nageldesigns long red nails decoration

Dark red makes for a stylish manicure and beautiful vision

nageldesigns red nails elegant dark red

Do you already wear nails in red? They meet the aforementioned current trends? If you had already no red nails, whatever the occasion would you wear them? Would you opt for the described options are available, and if so, for whom?

nageldesigns red geometric trends

nageldesigns red nails short elegant

nageldesigns red nails long style

nageldesigns red nails long shiny

Nail Polish ideas stripes red nails Silver accents

nageldesigns red nails pink zig zag pattern

nageldesigns red French manicure black stripes

nageldesigns short red nails accents trends Nail Polish

nageldesigns red French manicure white dots

nageldesigns French manicure red vanity tips trends

nageldesigns red golden elegant manicure

nageldesigns Red Moon technology lifestyle

nageldesigns red white nails long flowers

nageldesigns black Golden elements

nageldesigns red shades trendy lifestyle trends

nageldesigns red red nuances lifestyle

nageldesigns red black accents lifestyle

nageldesigns Red Moon art Nail Polish

nageldesigns Red Apple

nageldesigns red black Ladybug lifestyle schminktipss Nail Polish ideas

nageldesigns red white heart glossy

nageldesigns red white shiny dots

nageldesigns black accents trends makeup tips

nageldesigns black ornaments stylish

Nail Polish manicure red ideas French

Nail Polish manicure red shiny ideas French Strip black

Nail Polish manicure ideas French Red nageldesign trends

Nail Polish moonmahia red white ideas

Nail Polish ideas classically elegant vanity tips

Nail Polish ideas red flower pattern trends

Nail Polish ideas red flower white black

Nail Polish ideas red nails grey shiny elements

Nail Polish ideas red nails Leopard print accent

Nail Polish ideas red nails black

Nail Polish ideas red nails white flowers of nageldesign trends

Nail Polish ideas red nails white dots nageldesign

Nail Polish ideas red nails white stars blue stripes

Nail Polish ideas red floral motifs white flowers

ideas red shiny Nail Polish trends red nuances

Nail Polish ideas red long nails black golden Strip

Nail Polish ideas red black French manicure

Nail Polish ideas zebra red black moonmahia trends

red white dots Nail Polish ideas fresh

Nail Polish ideas red white black combination trends moonmahia

nail polish ideas Black Silver trends moonmahia

Nail Polish ideas red black corners lifestyle

Nail Polish ideas red black white lifestyle

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