Nail Polish Ideas With Characters From Movies, Cartoons, And Snacks

Nail Polish ideas despicable me Desislava Hadzhiyska

Nail Polish ideas of the artist Desislava Hadzhiyska

The manicure has been always a nifty skill, but lately, it starts to be more artistic and attractive. This trend has resulted in that a woman can now express their own individuality through their hand care. Succeed easily, because the trends in nail care are as diverse as they have ever been. They also strive to give your personality in an eccentric, but still elegant and tasteful way to bear? Then you might need an unusual and inspiring manicures, which corresponds to your positive mood and has a positive effect on your environment?

Heroes from the cartoon Winnie the Pooh on the nails

Nail Polish ideas Desislava Hadzhiyska Winnie The Pooh

Popular Heroes of cartoons will make happy, whenever you take a look at your nails

cartoon network Nail Polish ideas Desislava Hadzhiyska

Are trademarks of drinks on the nails do not often to see what makes them unique

drinks Nail Polish ideas Desislava Hadzhiyska

The self-taught artist from Bulgaria Desislava Hadzhiyska has to offer some beautiful Nail Polish ideas , which could maybe inspire you designing your nail care. It is worth to look at them! Do you want it?

Harry Potter theme

Nail Polish ideas Desislava Hadzhiyska Harry Potter

Enjoy the Madagascar heroes

Nail Polish ideas Desislava Hadzhiyska Madagascar heroes

Designs like weird Nail Polish artist from Bulgaria. And if you want to draw the attention on your nails, then you would have perhaps like to design such a Nail Polish? All of the designs, Desislava Hadzhiyska has created on her own nails.

The faces of the heroes of the Simpsons

Nail Polish ideas Desislava Hadzhiyska The Simpsons

McDonald has inspired the creation of this manicure’s

Negallack ideas McDonald's Desislava Hadzhiyska

Garfield picture

Nail Polish ideas Desislava Hadzhiyska Garfield

New year’s Eve and Tweetie as nail polish

Nail Polish ideas Desislava Hadzhiyska Silvester Tweetie

Winnie the Pooh is a cool idea for the nail design

Nail Polish ideas Winnie The Pooh Desislava Hadzhiyska

Sponge Bob is the subject of this nail designs

Nail Polish ideas Desislava Hadzhiyska Sponge Bob

The creation has taken each of these at least two hours of their time. A painstaking work! But the end result is more than impressive, you can’t find? It reflects well known characters from the cartoon from childhood, logos of different brands, roles of TV episodes and different games on their nails. So, if you place value on an attractive and strange nail care, then why put not on something?

The Smurfs design

Nail Polish ideas of Desislava Hadzhiyska the Smurfs

Angry Birds on the nails

angry birds Desislava Hadzhiyska Negellack

The animated film frozen was a source of inspiration for the creation of this exuberant nails designs

frozen Nail Polish Desislava Hadzhiyska

Icons of social networks

social networks Nail Polish Desislava Hadzhiyska

The Powerpuff of Gurls

the Powerpuff of Gurls Nail Polish Desislava Hadzhiyska

Flappy Bird – a fresh idea for the nail polish

Desislava Hadzhiyska Flappy Bird nail

One idea is to make the nails with the Oreo brand

Oreo Nail Polish idea Desislava Hadzhiyska

The figure of the famous Milka cow on the nails

Milka Nail Polish Desislava Hadzhiyska

Skittles Nail Polish will make everyday fun

Skittles Nail Polish Desislava Hadzhiyska

M & M nail polish – a color idea on how you decorated nails

M & M Nail Polish Desislava Hadzhiyska