Simple Nails – 50 Nails Pictures For Every Occasion

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plain nails French nail pictures black finger nails pictures

Simple nails for special moments

You have to do so many beautiful things in this world! If you would not work, you could do so many great things every day! For example you could switch every day design the nail as a woman. Not always it must be something elaborate. But also simple nails can be very pretty and unique.

Yes, you can prepare and although every time she look at these a joy of the owner. You are something which sweeten life. You can do something very special from an any moment. Yes, the simple nails are among the trifles which have this ability. You can style just right. They must not be too cautious.

Plain simple nail design in a fruity tinge

fingernails images simple nail design fruity color of plain nails

The nails and their design reveal much also about the setting at the moment. They contain strong message about it, like the lady who wears it can present themselves at the moment with the world. Let do something funny! Let’s look at some nail designs and let’s think out a situation that stands in relation to… Certainly, you become as ideas for many different simple nail design ideas generate. Last but not least, you could think about exactly when what would be more appropriate.

Nails pictures

fingernails pictures plain simple nails Matt Grau Cup

Let yourself be inspired!

fingernails monochrome images simple nail design simple nails

Simple nails with a glittering effect

simple nail design nails pictures plain nails

This is a combination that is very fashionable lately. You choose a matching color and paint all nails it. But here we proceed as in the clothes. You choose an accessory, which is something glittering and conspicuous. To make all this wonderful shine.

Simple nail design pink

fingernails images simple nails pink plain

As a design, you might wanted to bring own femininity as a concealed weapon at an important meeting to use. Of course everyone must be taken here very seriously. For this reason, it should tighten understated dresses. With such paint, you might get the blame. But in the end everyone but somehow instinctively aware on as a lady who takes care of the own appearance even on busy days. That can turn, if she’s wonderfully to their own advantage.

Simple nail design in turquoise

fingernails images simple nails turquoise

Here one has with a nuance to do, which is to Flash. However, it has been shown again glitzy nails that are anything but boring. Here, too, you can use the femininity as a hidden weapon. Do you know these events if you want to be beefed up not too obvious? These are about this meeting with a friend, but something could be more? Yes, if you could put on the jeans and a great blouse, is easily make-up and have this simple nails! You will look feminine and sexy. You are but give the impression that this is the case for you without any trouble.

White plain nails with a silver edge

fingernails images simple nails white nail design wedding

This is also a very subtle, yet effective formula. It’s hardly noticeable. But at the same time can be reached, that the whole thing not to boring. When think of Damme with such nails yourself or someone else? Something there must be magnificent when it comes to silver. Maybe wants to take a reference on a silver accessory to wear every day? Maybe there was a romantic occasion as engagement, but simply and in close circle had to be maintained? It may be that you have birthday today, isn’t it?

White plain nails with silver dots

fingernails images simple nails white

The case must have been here something like. Because again, you have a great white with shiny silver effects. But if you look at this particular design in the design, this speaks for a cause in which you wanted to show more sensuality. We have to do, with the preparation of a file here, or? Or maybe you go to the disco or at an event where you could meet someone?

Simple nail designs with inconspicuous charming features

Drawings make the plain nails simply charming. This must develop a feel and know when something for everyday is too much. Because just at work, in business meetings and even personal occasions this may convey a false impression. You certainly don’t want that or? We have selected some images for you, show the decoration, which is suitable for everyday use.

Simple nails pink – red with motives

fingernails images simple nails pink

Yes, you can go to work. This one wanted to accomplish nothing special. Or a little bit. Expensive here that certain interesting, what makes a more exciting life. Such great decorations is again a bit more vitality and color in life.

Discreet French nail design

Fingernails oblique images simple nails Rosa Weiß

This is an ombre effect, which makes even the natural beauty of the nails. So you want to show yet again for an everyday occasion: I need so little to look beautifully. And I also like to do it. I the rest owe my broadcast. Are you jealous?

Simple nail design with floral motifs

fingernails images simple nails white French nails pictures

You would take this and the last design, when you drink coffee with girlfriends. In this case will be added to by the flowers yet: I may be too romantic and I am…

Very tender and slightly mystical simple nail design

fingernails images simple nails nail design white flowers

But really, this is the color of the perfect nails.  Single gene light should look also the finger elegant and beautiful, so that the nail color well. Because Green stands for intellectual charisma. Writers and other talented people from the field of arts have such elegant and prfekte finger and nail. This has demonstrated the Hiromantie, lägst. So you can afford even this color and it will be a very good. She can be combined also with quite a few clothes. So you can let this nail color for a few days.

Simple ombre effect on nails

fingernails images simple nails Rosa Ombre effect

The ombre effect is something more suitable for teenagers. Or you can combine it with matching clothes for a special occasion. The lady wants to show that she is adorable, but also really mysterious. This meeting is for you. At least, it seems your setting to be. This is not a magic trick for an appropriate life event, or you disagree?

The ombre effect is very popular in all shades

fingernails images simple nails ombre effect

Strong and effective Nail Polish colors

fingernails pictures blue nail design

Attention exciting Orange

fingernails pictures Orange simple nail design

Nail Polish colors for stylish and fashion-conscious women – cherry red

fingernails pictures cherry red nail design

French nail design in grey and silver

fingernails images simple nails French nails pictures silver

The Auto color as a Nail Polish

fingernails images simple Silver metallic nail design

Simple nails in three matching colors

simple nail design nails pictures sizing tri-color

Neutral, but very elegant

plain nails nails pictures simple nail design grey

Dark Nail Polish colors can appear larger nails. Did you know?

fingernails images simple nail design grey plain nails

Deep dark purple

fingernails images simple nail design purple plain nails

Nail design with playful heart pattern

fingernails images simple nails heart motifs

A chic little hearts as an accent

fingernails images simple nails delicate pink rose heart pattern

French nails pictures – matte and glossy black. Great contrast, or?

nails shiny images simple nails black mat

French nail design in black and Red

French nails pictures simple nail design simple nails black red

Silver punctual pimp the simple black nail design on

plain nails nail design Black Silver polka dot

French nail design triangle-shaped

fingernails images simple nails black white

Silver stripe pattern on a white background

fingernails images simple nails silver white

Wedding nail design – white French nails and delicate flower pattern

French nails pictures simple nail design white

Yin and Yang symbol

plain nails nails pictures of simple nail design white ying and Yang

Simple nails in dusty pink

plain nails nails pictures shiny pink

Copper accents for your finger nails

French nails pictures simple nail design copper plain nails

Delicate and feminine

fingernails images simple nail design tender pink pink plain nails

Also in pink, but with glitter accent

fingernails images simple nails soft pink Pink Silver

A pastel Nail Polish makes your hands look so feminine and tender

fingernails images simple nail design purple plain nails

Each fingernail a different color, but same all nails with glitter stones aufgeppept

nail design nails pictures of simple nail

In dark blue with gold stripes

simple nail design nails pictures plain nails Blau gold Streife

Silver glitter nail polish for a stunning effect

simple nail design nails images simple nails dark blue silver

Classic in blood red, but definitely not boring

simple nail design nails pictures plain nails cherry red

Red and gold with glitter stones on it

fingernails images simple nails cherry red gold nail design

Modern nail design – to do this you need a nice Nail Polish color and matching glitter tiles

fingernails images simple nails cherry red simple nail design

Beige and glittery pink contrast

fingernails images simple nails beige Rosa Glitter

Wedding nails in white with glitter gold accent

fingernails images simple nails wedding white gold

Simple and very interesting nail design in black and white

fingernails pictures black white nail design ideas

How is this done

fingernails pictures black white nail design simple nails

Create a geometric pattern in purple and Crimson. Below you will find how

fingernails pictures geometric patterns creating simple nails

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