A Piece Of Furniture That Makes The Children ‘s Room Even Bigger – Children’ S Highchair

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A bookcase, a seating area, an office table for your child and a child’s bed in one. Yes, it is the real reality that the modern highchairs offer nowadays, and that is not all you can expect from these pieces of furniture. Creative solutions for your children’s room can be found by means of the practical and up-to-date designs, which our editorial team has specially selected for you in the next few paragraphs.

Space-saving furniture is becoming increasingly popular. For families with children, these are a successful solution for the children’s room. A practical child’s highchair can, for example, take over many functions that make the little fun and give them a better everyday life. Before you decide for a specific model child’s highchair, discuss the construction with your child / children. Determine which functions the high bed must have.

More space to play!


To the extra functions of the children’s highchair the following can be enumerated:

  • Built-in seating area
  • Bookcase, which can also be used as stairs
  • play area
  • Office table with one or more chairs
  • Extra bed

A children’s highchair provides many advantages for you and your little ones


It is assumed that such pieces of furniture could be difficult to build by themselves and without prior knowledge in this industry you will definitely get in trouble.

What are the advantages of the furniture?

First of all, children’s beds are a good way to improve the motor skills of your child, which is particularly important for the health of the little ones nowadays. On the market there are models with an extra climbing wall at the side. Be careful when installing the children’s high chair. The ladder is considered the most important part of the project and should be as easy as possible for your child to climb up. Children’s high beds with stairs on the side are considered more practical and above all safer. For this, you need more space in the space you want to plan, because these types of stairs can only be fixed to the side.

A lounge area under the children’s high bed? Why not?


A further advantage of the child safety beds is an all-round fall protection system. This property is considered very important for child safety and for a restful sleep. When selecting the appropriate piece of furniture, you attach great importance to this safety device, to the wide steps and grip recesses, which ensure an optimal ascent and descent.

Width levels and fall protection are the top priority


A large part of the families use the space under the bed as a workplace for the little ones. The size under the construction is enough for a practical office table and 2 desk chairs for you and your child. This allows you to discuss and make homework assignments, and to edit important projects with PowerPoint presentations.

Inspire yourself with the following concepts, which make the nursery even bigger.

Neutral wall design with white conderhochbett


Beautiful DIY decoration















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