“Analog” Little Helpers In The Office

Even if the Office life has changed more in the last few years there are many workers who may be missing in any Office in digital times.

Since mid years of the 80s by the Office 2.0, alternatively the paperless office talking. In times of increasing digitalisation, analog equipment and hence paper would sooner or later superfluous. But even in companies that have already switched to digital document archiving, so some items on the desk that had their place even 20 years ago can be found. Therefore are still among the most important printed matter in the everyday:

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Letter paper and envelopes

Even if a large part of corporate communication is made nowadays electronically via E-Mail and co., the classical correspondence from any company has completely disappeared. Invoices, reminders and other important post things are still on the classic mail shipping. The postal Department of a company is therefore remains dependent on letter paper and envelopes. Some say even the computer would have increased the consumption of paper in company.

Office furniture Office design interior design ideas Officeset up office equipment Office decorating tipsWriting pads, note booklets and co.

Note pads, spiral blocks or ring binder inserts are also be found in almost any Office. Even if every Smartphone today has notes, appointments, notes on the phone, or notes at meetings let is still always better hand hold and, if necessary, later enter in digital media. Therefore, one will find hardly a modern office without a pen and pencil.


Whether it’s labels, mailing labels, shipping label or much purpose labels: labels are the be-all and end-all when it comes to maintain physical Office objects to label and thus order. They also facilitate sorting and especially the recovery of objects of all kinds. Labels can be printed or labelled by hand and are not only convenient, but indispensable. In everyday business, the labels high quality manufactured since 1906 by HERMA have proved about as particularly durable and long-lasting.


Although most are companies today in the Internet and also in social networks actively, yet most of them not to do offline marketing come around. Brochures include a balanced marketing mix since time immemorial. As price list or a brochure for the company, the possibilities for use are versatile.


Flyers are as well as brochures in a balanced marketing mix. Flyer is available in numerous variants and versions and they still always ideally suited to the transmission of advertising messages. Flyers and leaflets also bring information clearly and simply on a point and are therefore ideal to provide ladder with the necessary information.

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Folders and folder

For analog data archiving files and folders are still indispensable in every Office. The only way bills and other business documents reliably collect and archive. Also to the awarding of sales documents folders are offered, to present them the potential customers in an elegant manner.

Business cards

In the year 2016, passes on business cards. Meaningful business cards with contact information and contact persons belong to day-to-day business and facilitate the networking of business relationships.

It will take a while so at least until the paper is completely passed from the offices – most likely this will not happen. So much relief and comfort also brought the digital age us, proven, classic office helpers will be indispensable not completely in the near future.