Desk In Focus – How To Clean Up Your Workplace

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After the nice holiday comes back to work! Now you have to think about how best to do your everyday tasks. Many of us work from home and sit for hours on the PC. Or maybe you have a special hobby that will tie you to your desk. Surf from time to time on the Internet, then you need a more appealing place for your laptop, right? So that you do not feel almost”suffocated”in all these cases and the whole stuff on the desk depresses you, today we decided to take a closer look at the desk. You know, the working atmosphere at your desk must stimulate your creativity. So it’s up to you to clean up the desk and get to work! In this article, we will give you some practical tips on how the professionals can clear their desks. Certainly each individual can learn something from it.

Psychologists claim that a chaotic desk is a sign of creative and innovative thinking

cool-idea-of-office desk

  • What does the desk tell you personally?

Tidy or dirty? In the office or at home, the workplace talks a lot about the character of the people who work there. On some desks, piles of files, empty coffee and tea cups, pens lie everywhere. For others everything is well arranged, nothing superfluous is to be seen.

Yes, people are so different, and your jobs look just as different. Some people stack on the desk everything they need, which they constantly want to keep in mind. A minimalist keeps his desk always well-organized and clean. Some types prefer to spread throughout the office, because the table is not enough for them. Open and creative people bring small personal details to their desk, so they feel comfortable and inspired. And which group do you belong to? Did you personally recognize yourself in a certain type?

“Less is more,”say the minimalists

The”Eisenhower rule”helps you to clean up your desk

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  • Clean up the desk – create fast order in the workplace

The tried and tested method, also known as the”Eisenhower rule”, is to divide the desk or the floor into 4 fields and to clean it in a clockwise direction. Sure, you’ll find a lot on the table, which should be thrown away. This is therefore part of field 1. The second field is used to stack documents, which must be passed on to other colleagues. In field 3 you have to arrange your tasks and the corresponding papers for the next days or weeks. Field 4 includes everything you can or must do today.

Expert tip: Do not make any other fields, and limit yourself to the four most necessary ones. This will quickly and effectively clean up your desk.

On a clean desk the work proceeds as desired

office ideas

  • Psychological aspects of desk cleanup

The deseading of the desk has many positive sides. All of a sudden, you will certainly be surprised by how much free space you have. On your desk there is order and everything you need right now, you can easily find it or it is handy before your eyes. All this gives you more self-confidence and stimulates your creativity. In addition, you rid yourself of everything that you burdened! You’ll get rid of the real mess and re-arrange your thoughts and ideas. This gives your imagination plenty of space and inspires your innovative thinking! Now you can see it working on a clean desk is a treat! And in small steps it is quite feasible, right?

At an orderly desk, everyone wants to work, right?


Small details make the creative atmosphere at the desk

Desk clean up small details

hr desk already says a lot about your personality

building a desk
Desk itself build ideas and examples

In a simple home office you can also work creatively

Desk clean up work creatively

ideas-work table

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