Ergonomic Office Chair: Damage To The Spinal Cord Prevent

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Prevent damage to the Spine health in the workplace-

Who sits all day at a desk, which should ensure that the Chair meets the health requirements. Because only in this way can be avoided that back problems. Also in already existing tensions and tensions, it is all the more important that attention is respected, that it is adapted to the Chair, the problem. This prevents in any case to arise from an acute problem, a chronic.

Choose the perfect Office Chair

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According to studies of different health insurance companies, the number of sick leave because of back problems has grown enormously. It is primarily people who are engaged in sedentary activities. While these diseases of the spine include the most common diseases. What will be of course mainly because there are more and more stress in the workplace, because the pressure and the requirements increase further on. Stress can cause back pain. But often often blame the wrong Chair that even has the simplest settings. Often, unfortunately, employers save on the health of the employees. Certainly, modify the chairs, then often prevents problems and the seat position is correct then can also much more efficient work. Is what comes the employer then back to good because less sickness are running and work better by hand.

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The advantages of the best Office Chair

• Relief of the spine• Work more efficiently• Chronic diseases be prevented• Less work failures due to disease

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An Office Chair should possess these properties

All of the properties that distinguish a good office chair, be matched in an ideal way. A well selected Chair, prevents ailments of the spine. But not only that, because even with existing problems, can promote the healing process and reduces also the history. To know but it also applies, there’s not the Office Chair for everyone, but a good Chair is individually adjusted at best, and adapted to the needs and requirements.

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The perfect seat in an Office Chair

The seat is an important point when choosing the right Chair. Because this should be always at the height to be adjusted. It is also important that lift the front edge is impossible, that many models, easily rejected back position is possible. What should have the seat however, that they adjust the inclination. Not only the slope is important, but also the depth, just at different sizes of people, there’s always some leeway should there

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The backrest

A backrest is perfect if it is flexible and dynamic. The back always in motion stays that way. The Lehe is good if it is anatomically shaped, way to the back and the spine position much better on the back. Any good office chair should possess the lumbar support, because it supports in particular the lower part of the spine. An ideal Desk Chair always allows you to adjust the backrest in the depth and in height. As well, that again can be customized. A backrest is always so high, that even the shoulder blades are supported, because in this area, otherwise like to harden the muscles and there will inevitably be very painful tension. A neck and head support is attached, this makes only sense if she optionally adjustable. In a health-conscious and ergonomic chair, the backrest pressure can be adapted as it requires precisely the situation.

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The padding

• Is never too soft• Breathable• Interchangeable

The lock lever to the adjust

A good Chair can be adjusted so all possible parts and adjusted. Therefore, it is very important that the settings can be easily changed and adapted in a sitting position. Therefore, the lever is

• easy to reach and easy to use• easily perform the settings

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The ergonomics of the Office Chair

An ergonomic and health-conscious Office Chair must be always stable, also tilt sure is important. Therefore, is to make sure that a Chair has at least 5 rolls at the buy. Who sits down, should be dampened slightly in the best case, so there are no shocks in the spine. By a good backrest, the speech can be only if it is horizontal concave curved. Also these can adapt to the various postures. Therefore, it is always pay attention to the adjustment of the height and the angle. And here comes the so-called synchronous mechanics into the game, it is important to allow dynamic sitting. Only by frequent changing of the seating position, which is recommended also by physicians, the optimal care and relief of the spine can be secured. The armrest is a relief for the neck and shoulders, but always only then also it makes sense if it is not an obstacle in the process. Armrests are always adjustable and that at least with a margin of 20-25 cm above the seat surface. They should be at least 20 cm long and a width of 4 cm in length.

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