Home Office Design For Two – Share Your Work Space And Get You In Your Marriage

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Home Office design for two persons, modern equipped wall shelving open

Share your work space and thereby get your marriage

Have you ever tried to share a common work space with your husband? I and my husband got along with this task over many long years. But to achieve this, we had to make many improvements in the originally small and dark room.

Home Office design for two persons

Home Office design for two persons work space office desks chairs

We had originally only a joint working table, and now we have two separate tables, sleek and simple. The investment was not small, but the quality and the saved space had a prosperous effect on our common life.

Actually, the two tables provide more working space, but by the sleek appearance and the space for the feet, you have a sense of width and freedom.

What must keep always in terms of:

Advice 1

Each partner needs different things in the Office and the voice of all involved must be respected equally.

Compromises should be made at each point in the process

Home Office design for two cabinets chairs Office table white

The natural light is a very important element in the Home Office. So if you have no Windows, you should necessarily integrate a really well-run, bright light.

Advice 2

You should decide in case of doubt for the comfortable feel of the two parties, instead of the custom, but uncomfortable look. So, you will feel relaxed and not too nervous.

Home Office design for two persons work room black wall plaque

In our case, we had to remove a book shelf on the basis of lack of space. In the result, we have built shelves on the wall.

Advice 3

Everything must be geared towards the harmony between the partners. Everyone should have the feeling to have sufficient privacy and feel is undisturbed.

Tip 4

This item is intended as a final word to the whole. Any working relationship needs certain rules. We have listed some possible, but certainly you can customize this and adapt.

Here are a few tips which I believe are universal.

-Keep your workplace clean

-Telephone in the other room

-Listen to radio with headphones

-Make together coffee and lunch breaks, lest you forget why they actually share a Home Office!

Now I’m leaving room for your own rules

home office design for two redesign

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