Find The Perfect Dirndl For The Oktoberfest: New Trends And Important Tips!

Posted on Jun 12, 2018

To think too early about the Oktoberfest? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The preparations for the new traditional season have long since started, because it is always just: After the Oktoberfest is in front of the Oktoberfest! If you are already looking for trendy Oktoberfest clothing, then you are right here. Because today we are dealing with the current Dirndl Trends 2018. In addition, we will give you some tips to wear your costume. And do you already know what meaning the dirndl loop has and how it should be bound? All this you will learn in the next lines, if you want to stay with us.

A chic Dirndl clearly always belongs to the Oktoberfest

young girl with dirndl at Oktoberfest

Dirndl Trends 2018

At the Tracht & Country Spring 2018 trade fair in Salzburg as well as at other national costume fairs specialist designers have already set the latest trends at Dirndl & Co. This year, it will again be magical on the”Theresienwiese”in Munich, at the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart and of course at the numerous folk festivals in summer and autumn.

Dirndl is and remains a timeless feminine. It should not be confused with a carnival costume. No matter which new tendencies you would like to follow, tradition should run like a red thread through the costume. Luckily, there are plenty of high-quality manufacturers and shops that offer first-class country house or traditional fashion, not only on site, but also online. So you can certainly find your perfect dirndl and rely on expert advice on the choice. Very classic, luxurious or fancy dirndl – no problem!

Because a dirndl with its successful push-up effect is a real figure flatterer, who conjures up the most beautiful décolleté. It’s just great for every woman. You only need to select the right model and the right colors for yourself. The latest Dirndl trends are an additional help in making this important decision.

The traditional, white dirndl blouses are simply indispensable

beautiful dirndl trends with white dirndl blouse

Depending on how you want to work in your Dirndl, you should opt for the appropriate colors and cut. This year, traditional bold colors like red and green as well as powdery pastel colors like pink, nude and light blue are quite popular. When choosing shades, especially your hair color plays an important role, together with the skin and eye color.

The high-necked V-neck dress has just made its comeback and adds extra elegance, especially in its bodice variation. From cotton, suede, linen or fine silk, it looks just stunning. The dirndl blouses have done a lot this year. Ruffles and lace are definitely a must. It is mainly white cotton blouses worn, which can be up to the taste with puffed sleeves or high-necked. The half-length sleeves in narrow cut are again in vogue, even better if they are made of lace. In addition, short winglets are again preferred. These are particularly effective when worn with high-necked dirndl blouses.

Of the Retro look is at the top of the list for some traditional designers. Stylish and playful look the traditional dresses in the 50s-60s style, even without a dirndl blouse, just perfect. Even the costume in solid colors is totally in and creates more freedom when it comes to jewelry, shoes and accessories. In addition, monochrome Dirndl are universal and can fit quite well on many other occasions.

Luxury and wedding dnddl benefit particularly well from the latest trends in traditional fashion

young woman with krüger dirndl wedding dress

Top aprons are pretty popular in the new season and a perfect idea to give your dirndl a fresh, romantic look. In wedding dresses they can also be embroidered abundantly.

And the Mini Dirndl, which should have at least 50-60 cm in length, has finally arrived. Although one should say in advance that it is only for the very young Madl can be considered.

All dirndls can be worn with a traditional national costume vest or jacket. Even chic leather jackets are not a bad idea. They even make for a slightly rocky note at the Oktoberfest.

Hair accessories and hairstyles

Flower decoration for the hair is the classic and in the form of a flower wreath a great alternative to braiding. Casual braids and herringbone braids are of course very popular, just like the Bauernzopf, the Zopfkranz and the classic, Bavarian Dutt. Incidentally, this can easily be conjured up with the help of an artificial braid. Velor, leather or velvet hairbands are a great complement to most festive hairstyles.

The pigtail wreath is a dirndl classic

Oktoberfest hairstyles with instructions in pictures dirndl hairstyle blonde

Shoes, bag and jewelry

When it comes to shoes for a dirndl, the ghosts often part. Boy Wiesn-goers Chucks, ballerinas and even white sneakers are more of a preference in recent years because they are comfortable and practical. But when it comes to the perfect look, chic pumps, strappy shoes and laced boots are recommended. A thick platform heel is a good compromise.

When costumes jewelry is often: less is more! A neck or choker necklace with rural motifs such as edelweiss, acorns or the classic pretzels as well as similar earrings are always very well. Of course, you should also think of the classic charivari – a little chain under the dirndl neckline.

The color of the shoes best match that of the apron

wiesn 2018 Oktoberfest-outfit-dirndl-shoes

The dirndl loop and its meaning

And do you already know the unwritten law of the dirndl loop? This reveals the marital status of their wearer and is therefore of great importance in Flirtversuchen at the Oktoberfest. To avoid misunderstandings, you should already bind your dirndl loop to the right side, namely:

  • Left bound loop means you are single;
  • right bound loop means you are already forgiven or even married;
  • center tied loop stands for maiden or, in some ways, for absolute freedom of movement.

The dirndl bow is traditionally laced at the waist and ironed perfectly before. The lacing is similar to that of shoes only in a fine and very smooth shape.

Dirndl bows are always good to see and often provide a fresh color accent

trendy dirndl loop meaning

Important Dirndl-No-Gos

  • black or too dark dirndl blouses
  • Free shoulders – Carmen blouses are often out of place here, except for the high-necked dirndls
  • Flip flops and too high boots, overknees or pumps with too high heels
  • a too short dirndl – very impractical while partying and dancing on the tables
  • cheap version made of organza or shimmering polyester

Of course, despite all the current Dirndl trends, you can also wear what you like best. It is important that you feel absolutely well in your festive costume and look beautiful feminine. In this sense:”Ozapft”and you have this year a lot of fun on the Wiesn, Wasen and all other folk festivals that you want to visit!

traditional dirndl with dirndl jacket

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