The Dirndl Loop: How To Tie It Properly?

Traditional dress, blouse and apron – the three parts of a jaunty dirndl. They should all stand perfectly with the wearer and be well coordinated. Because only then does every woman feel comfortable at the Oktoberfest. But what about the dirndl loop? Why should she be carried at all? What does the loop mean and how should it be tied? The answer to all these questions you get here with us.

Dirndl tie loop properly!

Tie left dirndl loop

Dirndl bow: meaning

The bow is not only a beauty element of the festive costume, but reveals above all the relationship status of a Madl. That is why the Buam are interested, and not only on the Oktoberfest but also at all folk festivals where dirndl and lederhosen are worn. So, to avoid misunderstandings in advance, you should know exactly whether you tie your Dirndl loop to the right or left.

Or maybe in the middle in front? What does each individual position of the loop mean?

Even newly-baked Oktoberfest goers know the meaning of the dirndl loop

dirndl loop properly bind meaning

Right, left, front or back?

Do not panic! Everything is easy and you should take it easy. Because in the end, this is more of an additional game rule on the Oktoberfest and not a vital matter. So:

  • LEFT tied: the lady is single;
  • RIGHT bound: already forgiven or even married;
  • MEDIATED: Virgo or rather undecided;
  • Bound behind: widowed or else belongs to the service at the party.

Dirndl tie: The guide

How to bind a loop in principle, you already know. With the dirndl loop you should approach the whole thing lovingly and cleanly. The best way to do this is if you have already ironed the apron strap in advance, so that the former binding point is not visible. In the following video you will get the exact instructions for it. It’s really easy. Look at it!

Tie dirndl apron properly

The position of the dirndl loop is always from the perspective of the weary r in to be observed

tie dirndl loop properly

Loop left stands for Single

Dirndl loop tied left

dirndl left tie single
dirndl loop luxury ddldl modern

In noble Weddingdirndln the loop is always tied to the right

tie dirndl loop to the right

Dirndl loop on the right meaning

ecru-wedding dirndl-Dresses-alps heart-haarschmuck-tulle fabric flower

Romantic dirndl with lace apron tied on the left

Dirndl bow green white luxury costume

Tie your dirndl bow properly and wear your costume with joy!

dirndl loop meaning

The Freshideen-Redaktion wishes you this year a lot of fun on Oktoberfest, Wasen and Co

dirndl loop oktoberfest costume fashion